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Seventh Generation Healthy Home Starter Cleaning Kit Review: How do Seventh Generation's Products Compare to other Household Brands?

Seventh Generation Home Cleaning Kit Review: How do Seventh Generation’s Cleaning Products Compare to other Household Brands?
First and foremost, I must admit a strong loyalty to Seventh Generation.  For quite a few years now, my family has used their laundry detergent, dish soap, and dish washing liquid not only because they are safer for our home and for our environment, but because they work and they work well.  After receiving and testing additional items from their line of cleaning products, I have grown more and more impressed and to be honest with you,  a little shocked at how well a few items in particular work in comparison to other household products I've used in the past.  Since then, I've replaced many of our cleaning products with Seventh Generation's due to their outstanding performance.  Seventh Generation's products have yet to let me down.

Below are thoughts on the products contained in Seventh Generation’s Home Cleaning Kit I tested for review:
  • The recycled/reusable bag is ALWAYS handy to have for shopping trips or storage.  Using a cloth bag replaces the use of plastic bags which overcrowd landfills.  Plastic bags are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which exists on the earth for up to 1,000 years.  Yuck! 
  • Natural Paper towels 120sht work like... paper towels.  I’m not sure if they compare better than other paper towel brands I’ve used in the past but one thing is for sure…they are the only paper towels that are made from post recycled materials.  I try not to use paper towels unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary (cleaning up dog messes to be precise).  Consumers must decide that if paper towels are a must, is it worth the extra cost to purchase Seventh Generation’s paper towels made form post recycled materials than from other store brands?
  • The All-Purpose Cleaner (free and clear) has been a reliable source for wiping down my furniture and does a spectacular job cleaning up my gas stove from grease and food spills while cooking in comparison to any other all-purpose cleaners I’ve chosen on the market that claim to also be non-toxic.   Since my son likes to wander with food in his hands where the food often times makes it to my couches, I can use this with a damp cloth to wipe my furniture clean.  I also use it for my dusting, wiping down my bathroom counter tops and toilet, and using it for small baby messes on the floors.  This cleaner works really, really well.  It also does not leave any streaking after use.  It's so nice to be able to use a cleaner while my son sits next to me and know that he isn't breathing in the toxins that make up regular household cleaners.  Common household cleaners often times contain chlorine (a.k.a. hypochlorite), which is a skin, eyes, nose, and lung irritant.  Keep clean and breathe easy folks!

  • The kitchen cleaner is awesome!  Not only does it clean my Silestone countertops with no streaks, the sticky spills from the inside of my refrigerator, and my son's high chair squeaky clean, it smells of yummy wild orange and cedar spice!  In comparison to other kitchen all-purpose cleaners I’ve used that are non-toxic, this product exceedingly works the best.  I highly recommend this as your all purpose kitchen cleaner. 

  • The toilet bowl cleaner also works great...just like anything I've used in the past but without the damage and guilt of putting highly corrosive "cleaner" straight into our drainage systems.  It also has a nice faint sent of Cypress and Fir for an added bonus.

  • The tub and tile cleaner is my absolute favorite of all the products I reviewed for Seventh Generation.  It works phenomenally...and I'm not exaggerating.  I've got an older home where the tile in my tub/shower seems to grow mold quite quickly.  In the past, I tried other natural cleaners in attempt to remove the mold and nothing seemed to work.  With my son being in the tub every night, I was determined to keep it clean as a whistle for him so I am ashamed to admit...I had been using Soft Scrub because it worked great.  However, it also contains harmful toxins that are not good for anyone in our house or the water system.  But alas, no need to worry anymore!  I found a great product that works and it's safe for all of us!  I HIGHLY recommend this product.   

Thank you to all for entering and a special thanks to the sponsor for not only donating the kit to this event but for putting their time and creative energy into producing such wonderful products that are safe for the planet.

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