Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Greening Your Design

I love home design. If I am ever watching the television I turn to HGTV and watch their array of programs about home design. I am on year 2 of my kitchen renovation and although I complain that it is taking FOREVER, I secretly enjoy working on it, picking out colors to paint and the tile for our backsplash...down to the corner edging for our mud room. There is something to be said about making such improvements and not hiring out. Not only are we saving a TON of money, but there is a bit of satisfaction with each new day's progress. 

Another reason why I love HGTV is that they are always promoting "greening" your home. They have programs specific in building using renewable resources and nontoxic materials. They are working on Green Home Project outside of Boston and it's fun to learn more and more about how to build and design in such a way. And so I want to share with you some design tips from an expert in their Green Design Team.

Green Decorating Basics

(today I plan on finishing priming my stairway with FreshAire Paint so I can begin painting soon!!!)


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