Friday, February 12, 2010


Here we go's my first blog free giveaway.  And it's awesome! 

It's the Seventh Generation Healthy Home Starter Kit to help you get started greening up your household.  The bag contains the following:
  •  (1) Seventh Generation Recycled/Reusable Bag
  • (1)  Natural Paper towels 120sht
  • (1) All-purpose Cleaner- free and clear
  • (1) Glass and Surf Cleaner- free and clear
  • (1) Kitchen Cleaner
  • (1) Shower Cleaner
  • (1) Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • (1) Tub and Tile Cleaner
I was given the opportunity to choose between this kit as a giveaway from Seventh Generation or a kit of their line of baby products.  It was tough but my decision was based on my strong belief that using safe, responsible, sustainable, earth friendly products in your home are important to create a better environment for your family.  In addition, I've been a member of the Seventh Generation for years now because I swear by their cleaning products so it was a fit.

To add your name into the drawing, subscribe to my blog, become a member of the Seventh Generation Nation to receive updates and valuable coupons, and email me ( your contact information and the answer to the question below: 

Seventh Generation derived their name from where?                       

Good luck!

Mommy Bridget

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