Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Madii & Dyl Toddlers Comfort Pillow and Luxe Wipe Review

Madii & Dyl Toddlers Comfort Pillow and Luxe Wipe Review

We often times wonder as parents what type of pillow is right for our little ones to use as part of their bedding.  What size is appropriate?  How soft or firm should they be and what materials are safe for our babies to lay on?  Madii Dylan Australia carries the perfect solution: pillows created specially for first time pillow users.  Madii Dylan Australia is a company that created products by a mother who was in search of the right pillows and cleaning cloths for her own children.  We had the opportunity to review her Teenii Tot pillow as well as her Luxe Wipe on our little one for his first time pillow use and as a replacement cleansing cloth for his tender, baby skin.

Teenii Tot Pillow

Toddlers Comfort Pillow | 18 months +
Measures: 42 x 25 cms
For first time pillow users

Made for toddlers and walkers, our distinctive wave design conforms to the child's head offering proper neck support and spine alignment. Self-ventilating cores provide maximum air flow, keeping the child cool and comfortable. Perfect for allergy sufferers, it is the only pillow that can be washed and never change its shape: Lasts for 5yrs+.

For first time pillow users, this comfort pillow is designed to support the child's head while in any position, is hypoallergenic and antibacterial and because of its 100% certified organic latex material, never loses it's supportive shape.  

We love this pillow.  Not only did our son sleep soundly while resting his head and neck on it, it's comforting to know that its hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials keep him safe.  I also love that I can wash it over and over again and know that it won't lose its proper supportThe pillow also comes with a pillow protector and cotton case...something our family can appreciate since we like to have all of our pillows protected.

The Teenii Tot pillow is the perfect size and perfect introduction to your little one's bedding.  It is comfortable, lightweight and safe to use.  You can purchase the Teenii Tot Pillow for around $50 from Madii & Dyl online here.  For a pillow that lasts 5+ years, you know you are making a great investment with this choice!  Madii & Dyl carries a variety of pillows to fit your children's needs, including the Sooki Babe for infant head support and the Mini Me for your 4 year old and older.

Luxe Cleansing Flannel Cloth
Measures: 23 x 23cms
Super-soft when wet, its silky texture and high absorbency is perfect on delicate areas. It cleans without wetting or scratching fragile skin and dries without stripping moisture. Safe on babies' peeling skin or soft skull, it is ideal for eczema, cradle cap and other problem skin conditions. Works hand in hand with cosmetic treatments as it cleanses the skin without wetting the bandages or spoiling the bruised areas which are sore to touch.

Made from eco-friendly materials, the flannel is air-spun and porous free. To clean, the flannel can be hand washed in warm soapy water or in a machine at 40°. Hardens when dry to prevent bacteria but regains its silky soft feel when wet.

I absolutely love Maddi & Dyl's Luxe Cleansing Flannel Cloth for both of my sons.  This cloth is so unbelievably soft and silky, I wish I would have had it sooner!  I feel so comfortable using it on my baby's skin, including the most delicate parts around his face.  I can also use it to clean to most tough of messes on my toddler's face and hands and rest assured I'm not hurting his skin.  It does dry in a quite peculiar way, however, so don't be alarmed when your wet, super soft cloth turns dry and hard.  It is totally normal.  You will love this cleansing cloth...and adults can use it too!  It is definitely a must have item for cleaning your children.  The cost is around $15 and can be purchased online here.

You can also find Madii Dylan Australia socially on Facebook and on Twitter (under the name Kids Day Out).

I want to thank Madii Dylan Australia for the wonderful opportunity for my family to review a few of their great products.  We love them!

Bridget James

The Teenii Tot pillow and Luxe Cleaning Cloth were sent to me by Madii Dylan Australia for review.  All opinions on the products above are purely my own (please see my full disclosure under my "Reviews" page for more information).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Newman's Own Organics Giveaway- ending this week (low entries)

Hi everyone!  There is only a few more days to enter the Newman's Own Organics giveaway and entries are low so your chances are great.  The giveaway includes:
  • Fig Newmans/low fat
  • Newman-O's Chocolate Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies
  • Alphabet Cookies-Cinnamon Graham
  • Berry Blend Dried Fruit
And they are SO yummy!!!  So enter here if you want some mouth savoring treats made with pure organic ingredients.

Mommy Bridget

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preschooling It and Our 6 Month Old

Life just seems to be flying by these days.  It's hard to believe my baby is already 6 months old and my little Park man is now in preschool.  I feel so fortunate as life continues to be falling into place for my family and things just keep getting better and better.  I am so proud of how far we have all come, how we continue to move forward and pinch myself often to make sure I'm not dreaming.  Life is grand!

It is coming to end, our summer that is, and fall is approaching.  I can tell by the way the wind blows in the late evening and early mornings, and by the ten degree drop in average daily temperature.  Although it is still warm and sunny, mostly in the 80's during the days, it is still a huge relief from the high 90's we experience in Utah for most of the summer.  I love the fall, school begins for so many of our youngsters and days for me feel more relaxed.  I always joke that we wait all year for summer to come but end up so busy in the summer with house projects, gardening, weeding and taking trips that it's not the least bit relaxing.  I suppose someday when I feel we've done everything to our house we want to do and when someone comes up with an earth friendly anti-weed product that actually works, I will finally feel relaxed:)

Our little Jude is growing up so fast.  He is now 6 1/2 months old and doing so much.  I can't even begin to tell you how fast that went!  Jude reminds me so much of his big brother in so many ways while at the same time is so much the opposite.  (Isn't it great how unique our kiddos are?!)  He is now sitting up with some support, he talks SO much that I swear he says "mama" already (Mom, no teasin'.  He is a genius;)  But really, when he is crying for me in another room he often times makes the sounds "mamama" and so I think...

Jude began teething a while ago.  He isn't drooling quite as much but we've had a few nights of discomfort that only lasted for a few minutes.  Let's just hope he teethes as well as Park did.  That was a breeze!  He loves to stand, with assistance of course, and thoroughly enjoys any toy, bouncer or even his car seat.  He even gets super mad when his brother takes a toy away from him.  I figure that's a good thing since he is going to need a strong will with an older brother like Park.  He is quite friendly and engaging with others as long as mommy or daddy are holding him but does NOT like being in anyone else's arms. Park was the exact same way.

Park, on the other hand, is Mr. Social these days.  He loves loves LOVES to go places, see new things and play with his "fwends".  He lets me leave him at friend's or cousin's houses without hesitancy and gives hugs and kisses often to each and every one.  I can't tell you how many times a day he asks to go in the car to go play with his buddies.  It's cute...it really is...and I am so proud to have such an outgoing little man.  BUT, it isn't easy.  He is definitely continuing to keep me on my toes!

Park is still delayed at speaking but continues to get better and better.  We figure it will take a few years for his language to be at an average level.  He is doing well with it, and we are proud of him.

Park also began Montessori preschool in August.  After finishing up with his services from Early Intervention it was recommended that we put him through the school system's preschool program.  After careful consideration, we declined thinking a few things:

(1) He is on the right track already
(2) He is only 3
(3) He would have a difficult time being forced to learn something he doesn't want to learn/sitting at desks, etc
(4) We want him to be in a normal setting classroom, not one that pulls kids aside for an hour a day away from his classmates to work with his language skills.  

Which is why we chose Montessori.  Montessori is learning through play and just what we felt he needed.  And so far, we were right.  He absolutely loves it!  For the energetic and charismatic little man Park is, Montessori a few mornings a week have been nothing but positive for him.  He came home with a compass that he made with a paper plate, construction paper and a screw and told me all about how it works.  Yes, I could have made it at home with him and done the same.  But, the proud look on his face when he was showing me his craft was priceless.  We do art projects here and there at home but he isn't half as excited about them with me and Marshall as he is about the ones he does at school.  Park's school has t.v. screens that you can watch each classroom on.  I always watch it after I drop him off or before I pick him up for a few minutes to see what he is up to and it really is the sweetest.  Never in a million years would we have thought our little Park would be sitting in a circle reading books, passing along a teddy bear for others to hug or dancing along with his friends and teachers.  And to top it off, one of his teachers is a speech therapist:)  Score!!!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have Park in such a great environment twice a week, feeding his heart, mind and soul as an addition to what he has at home.  Montessori is so great for him, despite the cost out of our pockets.  Oh, did I mention that I drive 2 hours a days to take him for a 3 hour class?  Yup, that's LOVE:)  My husband and I are trying to work it out so he drops him off and I pick him up to reduce gas, drive time and emissions.  We actually did that today and it was really nice.  I'm just thinking that I hope we can put him in something else for next year as I would much rather have him in preschool closer to home.  I wonder if Jude will be the opposite of his brother???  He may be a homebody who would rather be at home with his mommy, helping bake banana bread and coloring in books.  Hey, it would be a lot cheaper if he were!

Wow, life goes really fast when you have children.  And what a reminder to take it slow and enjoy yourself, even the difficult stuff.  I am told all the time that it gets harder as they get older.  Well, I'm sure they are right but right now I find sleep deprivation and the scare of autism to be pretty high on the difficulty charts.  Other than that, I feel life as a Mom now to pretty amazing.  I love being a mom, and I love being Park and Jude's Mom.

I hope you are all enjoying the rest of your summer and look forward to the fall of the leaves and change of colors.  May you all be well!

Mommy Bridget

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway- ends 9/16

Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway-ends 9/16

The Newman's Own Organics line began in 1993 by Nell Newman and her business partner, Paul Meehan when the company saw a demand for organic products in the market.  In just 8 years, the new line was so successful that it became its own independent company.  Peter Meehan said, "We focus on the kinds of products we loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients...".  And after reviewing many of their snacks I can attest that their products truly are made with the finest of ingredients.

I had the opportunity to review Newman's Own Organics pretzels, their signature chocolate line, their Fig Newman's, their chocolate chip and alphabet cookies, their Newman O's, a variety of licorice and mint flavors, their original and delicious Ginger O's, their "Hermits" and their dried fruit mix and raisins.  Needless to say, my family has been in heaven with our snacks since the review began earlier this summer!

Newman's Own Organics Pretzels

We tasted three different types of Newman's Own Organics pretzels: 
  • Mighty Minis
  • Honey Wheat
  • Spelt
Their Mighty Minis were delicious.  We like the fact that the pretzels are made with basic ingredients that we all know.  The Mighty Minis are comparable to your basic pretzel on the market but are made with high quality ingredients...no fillers or questionable ingredients (also applies to their other pretzel flavors).  Their Spelt pretzels, which are made with spelt flour instead of the traditional unbleached wheat or white flour, are also great tasting.  The only difference I think is they taste a bit drier, due to the type of flour.  But, nonetheless tasty!  

Our absolute favorite was Newman's Own Organics Honey Wheat Pretzels.  Now I've never been much of a fan of pretzels for snacking but I really really love these.  The honey and the wheat have such bold flavor and combined make for a truly great snack!

Newman's Own Organics Mints  

  • Cinnamon
  • Wintergreen
  • Peppermint
  • Ginger
These are my husband's favorite!  For those who prefer mints over chewing gum, Newman's Own Organics Mints are for you.  Enjoy the peppermint and wintergreen flavors for an after dinner treat or the cinnamon flavor for when you are craving a treat (this flavor is my personal favorite).  The ginger is wonderful for those of you who are fans of the ginger flavor.  I am not much of a fan of snacking on ginger flavored items but have used them to help treat nausea associated with migraines or pregnancy sickness.  All in all, if you are looking for a good mint to have in your purse or pocket, you will love Newman's Own Organics Mints!

Newman's Own Organics Licorice
  • Pomegranate
  • Strawberry
  • Tangerine
  • Black
Based on the opinion of my husband, the best flavor was Newman's Own Organics black licorice.  The texture of their licorice seemed to be slightly tougher to eat than other licorice he has eaten but not by much.  The pomegranate flavor was "interesting...in a good way" but definitely for those who like that particular flavor.  The tangerine and strawberry licorice are also great flavors the whole family will enjoy.  I think it's great how creative Newman's Own Organics was when they created their variety of licorice flavors.  Who would have thought of such flavors as tangerine and pomegranate?  Well, that's Newman's Own Organics for you.  They are the quintessential creative masters!

Newman's Own Organics Dried Fruit
  • Berry Blend
  • Raisins
I absolutely love Newman's Own Organics Berry Blend of dried fruit.  In it contains raisins, cranberries, blueberries, and cherries.  The mix is a super healthy choice for snacking and good for my whole family.  The raisins are also excellent for snacking and in our home, baking.  Although my son and I are not big fans of raisins, my husband loves them and has enjoyed them as a snack to take with him to work or on the go.  I love that the Newman's Own Organics Dried Fruit snacks are pure, organic and wholesome.

Newman's Own Organics Cookies 
  • Arrowroot Alphabet Cookies
  • Cinnamon Graham Cookies
  • Champion Chip (Chocolate Chocolate Chip) Cookies
  • Champion Chip (Chocolate Chip) Cookies
Can I just say, more please!  These delicious snack cookies are truly a special treat.  Instead of using the traditional ingredient, butter, Newman's Own Organics opted for palm fruit oil; therefore, containing no hygrogenated oils and trans fats.  

Newman's Own Organics Champion Chip cookies are exactly that, the "champion" of all cookies.  Their "chocolate-chocolate chip" cookie is quite honestly the best tasting chocolate chip cookie that's ever hit my mouth.  This one is a must have for sure.  They are so tasty, I couldn't get enough of them...so much so that they weren't shared with my husband!  I did find, however, that much of the cookies in the bag were reduced to crumbles before I had the chance to eat them.  Although I appreciate that Newman's Own Organics uses as little packaging as possible, I would suggest that the cookies be placed in a safer bag so to preserve the cookie for eating.  

Newman's Own Organics alphabet cookies were also a delicious snack.  I enjoyed both of the flavors, my favorite being their cinnamon graham.  And for those who like arrowroot flour, their Arrowroot alphabet cookie is a great alternative to traditional flour cookies. 

Fig Newmans 
  • original/low fat
  • fat free
These are delicious!  I enjoyed both the low fat and fat free Fig Newmans.  (They also carry a wheat free and dairy free version but I didn't review this one).  To be honest, I couldn't tell which one was simply low fat versus the fat free...they both tasted great.  As a child I always loved the "fig newtons".  It had been a long time since I had tried this type of snack but once it hit my mouth, I was quickly brought back to my youth.  Filled with organic figs, these super soft and chewy snacks are not only super low in fat but taste great too.  They also include a hint of natural lemon flavor that adds to the brilliance of this snack.  The Fig Newmans are a great alternative to a cookie because they taste great and are, well, better for you! 

  • original
  • ginger 
The Newman's Own Organics "Hermits" are a complete original.  A cross between a soft cookie and a bar, the "Hermits" are decadent, rich, soft and chewy morsels of yummy goodness.  Both the original and ginger Hermits are made with organic raisins and organic molasses, a great recipe for success.  The ginger Hermits are for all the ginger lovers out there.  You have got to try these!

Newman's Own Organics Signature Series Chocolate Bars 

  • Espresso Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Mocha Milk Chocolate
  • Orange Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Super Dark Chocolate-70% Cocoa
Oh, the gourmet chocolate bars from Newman's Own Organics...where do I even begin?!  Newman's Own Organics have created a variety of flavors for their Signature Series of gourmet chocolates made from the finest organic cocoa beans grown on Rainforest Alliance certified farms.  With the variety of bars available, you are sure to find a chocolate to suit your liking with Newman's Own Organics.  I enjoyed these so much that I think these have single-handedly been the cause of me not losing the last 8 pounds of my baby weight, but well worth it!

Newman O's 
  • Chocolate Creme
  • Hint-o-mint
  • Peanut Butter
And last, but certainly not the least, are the Newman O's (clever name right?!).  These cookies are chocolate creme filled chocolate cookies, creme filled mint cookies and peanut butter filled cookies...and it doesn't get any better than these!  Made with the finest organic ingredients and without hygrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids, these cookies will be a big hit in your home.  Try them alone or dip them in a glass of milk.  Crumble them over the top of your favorite ice cream.  They are delicious!  To check out their 6 different flavors, click here.

I want to say a special thank you to Newman's Own Organics for giving my family this great opportunity to review what they (and heaven) have to offer for review.  You really cannot go wrong when choosing one of Newman's Own Organics products.  They are made with the best of ingredients without the nasty fillers and by-products you find in regular snacks.

Buy it: 

You can purchase Newman's Own Organics products online here or at any participating grocery stores.  To view stores in your area, click here.  For those of you who this applies to, Newman's Own Organics have many foods to accommodate food sensitivities.

Win it:
Newman's Own Organics is graciously giving away my family's four favorite products we reviewed:
  • Fig Newmans/low fat
  • Newman-O's Chocolate Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies
  • Alphabet Cookies-Cinnamon Graham
  • Berry Blend Dried Fruit
Open to US residents only.
    To Enter:
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    Subscribe to my blog (located on the left side of my home page) and tell me your favorite Newman's Own product.  This is MANDATORY to enter the giveaway.

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    You have until September 16th at midnight to enter.
    Good luck to you all,

    Mommy Bridget 

    Newman's Own Organic food products were provided to me by Newman's Own Organics PR for review.  All opinions on the products are purely my own (please see my disclosure on my "Reviews" page for more information).