Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ingredient: Triclosan, Good or Bad?

The FDA is considering banning Triclosan, a commonly used ingredient in many over the counter soaps and hand sanitizers.  Apparently, this bacteria killing ingredient can also alter hormones in your body and helps create antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

For more information on Triclosan:
Even though the FDA is still investigating Triclosan, I would recommend staying away from it.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Zucchini Never Ends

I was told at the beginning of my garden season that I only needed one zucchini plant (I had 2) because they grow huge and grow uber amounts of produce...unfortunately, I didn't listen because my eyes were glazed over mesmerized by how fast they were already growing.  I guess maybe I underestimated exactly how much one plant can produce in a growing season because we don't even have the room in our refrigerator to store anymore and I've given so much away that those people don't want anymore either.  So I was really excited when I found a little information on what I can do with the plants to ease our frustrated "I've eaten way too much zucchini" palates.

With overgrown zucchini plants and with it nearing the end of the growing season, you can pull up the plants, harvest the last crop and either cook the zucchini to your pleasure or store them in a cool environment until they turn golden.  Apparently, zucchini keeps for many months and can be cooked like any other winter squash.


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome to Fall

I can't believe our summer is officially over.  Although, for those of you in the west can understand, it really doesn't feel any different in terms of the heat and sunny weather.  My nesting has kicked in and I'm suddenly feeling the urgency to get some home projects finished before the weather begins to turn cold.

Just last weekend I washed all of my windows, inside and out, screens and all.  Which is something I've wanted to do forever but never had the will until now to actually get it done.  By the way, I'm so glad I did it.  It makes my house so much brighter and I can see the beauty outdoors with a clearer view!  I've cut down my 7 feet tall sunflowers since the birds ravaged every last seed by now.  I've weeded my yard...again...and hopefully one of the last times for the season.  I've de-cluttered my house and begun to make arrangements for our new addition in less than 5 months...yes, I like to plan EVERYTHING and really early on too.  The whole planning and preparing for me is my favorite part of nesting.

I've been using all of our ever growing tomatoes to make homemade tomato soup and stewed tomatoes for chili.  Although I am not a fan of all the work it takes to do so, I do like the fact that I grew them in my backyard and will use them throughout the year.  I love living a little more sustainable each day!

As for baby James #2, we find out in 3 weeks what we are going to have!  I am so excited!  My belly has "popped out" already...which is earlier than it did when I was pregnant with Park but I love it.  I am anxiously awaiting to feel the baby move inside me...which I know is going to happen very soon.  I'm so excited to meet our new baby and add to our family.  I look forward to Park becoming a big brother and taking on the responsibility of such.  He really likes to do things on his own, to show me that HE can do it, that he is a big boy so I know that he will love to "help" me with his new brother or sister.

Speaking of Park and to the answer of Marshall's and my prayers, he continues to do well.  He surprises me daily with new words I can now understand and loves to look at me, make funny faces and giggle.  He loves his friends and cousins and looks forward to our weekly play groups and play dates.  He continues to look forward to his behavior specialist that comes by weekly.  When he sees her pull up to the house he jumps up and down with excitement and opens the door for her.  The minute she walks in the door he sits on the rug and is ready to "work" with her.  She has been our saving grace...I can't imagine what we would have done without her help and encouragement these past few months.

Since Park is ever growing, curious and full of A LOT of energy, we decided it was time to purchase a play set for him outside since he seemed to be getting bored with his usual toys in the backyard. 

We bought it used so we had to replace some of the beams and still need to restain it but I am SO happy with everything it has brought to Park (and me:).  I love the idea of it being recycled, as the people we bought it from said it hadn't been used in a few years.  It was very inexpensive compared to one purchased brand new and it fits perfectly in our yard!  Park loves it.  He likes to take his cars and trucks up to the fort and push them down the slide as fast as he can.  He's such a boy!  He also loves to show it to his friends when they come over...I think he is really proud of it.

I hope the fall brings to all of you comfort and sweet, cozy days.  As for us today, I'm going to revel in the enjoyment of having my husband home and spending the day with my most favorite of all people!  I think we might head up the road to take pictures of the changing colors in the mountains and let the doggies run around.  Enjoy your weekend!

Mommy Bridget

Research shows child rearing practices of distant ancestors foster morality, compassion in kids // News // Notre Dame News // University of Notre Dame

Research shows child rearing practices of distant ancestors foster morality, compassion in kids // News // Notre Dame News // University of Notre Dame

I saw a friend post this on her facebook page, read it and loved it! Not only because I am a firm believer in more attentive parenting but also because I really appreciate thorough supported studies done though acreditted universities (after all, where else are those with the knowledge of how studies and findings are portrayed correctly going to do such a study the public should take into consideration?!)

"Attachment Parenting" or being "too protective" over our little it what you will! This is how it has ALWAYS been done. Many of us in the US should take this lesson seriously as too many parents are doing the opposite of what we should be doing. Our little ones deserve every opportunity to be loved and feel cared for in the best possible way.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Last day to enter Mother-ease AIO Giveaway

Last day to enter!
Click here to enter at bottom of post.

Mommy Bridget - Bugs in baby formula? Parents worried about recall - Bugs in baby formula? Parents worried about recall

Shouldn't we be more worried about all the babies on formula? (Just my thoughts...)

~Curious Mommy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only imagine my husband making fun of me right now for the title of this post..."...MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!", but I find it fitting.  For yesterday was my 32nd birthday and it was all about me (and Park of course:).  It's the one day a year I allow myself to be spoiled, I don't worry about anything that should be done and I revel in eating delicious food and enjoying my day with the ones I love. 

Forget about expecting this and that from so and so, I learned that a LONG time ago...not to expect anything on my birthday.  But instead, to be joyful and appreciative for what comes my way.  It is a wonderful way to live, I highly recommend it.  And how fun it was! 

And instead of my husband doing his usual spectacular plans and surprises for my special day, he told me to go and buy something I want and to pick any restaurant to go to for dinner.  I rather liked that idea since being pregnant makes me indecisive and impulsive.  I literally waited until the last minute to decide what I wanted.  It was awesome! 

I heard from SO many wonderful people, I had a blast with other parents and their little ones, I picked up a little something I've wanted for 2 years despite the cost:), spent time with my beautiful family and I gorged myself on what could only be described as pure heaven on multiple plates.

And to top off my evening, we came home and my boys and I celebrated with yummy gourmet cupcakes. 
You can't put a price on that cheese!  What a fun day. 

Have a great day!  I know I will...


Monday, September 20, 2010

Natracare Winners

Congratulations to the 3 Natracare winners!!!
Winner of New Mom and Baby bag is:
Rachel L.

Winners of Natracare's baby wipes are:

Rebecca W. and Nikki G.

Thank you to all for entering,

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time to Can

For all of you with vegetable gardens and fruit trees, this one's for you.  By now, you are probably up to your ears in tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and anything else ripe and ready to store away for the long winter ahead.  With this being my very first year of growing a vegetable garden, it is also my very first year of canning.  Ahhhh....canning.  This is more work than I imagined.

So if any of you who, like me, are in need of some serious help and guidance with canning duties, below are a few good web sites to help you along the way:
Good luck!  Oh, and I love good canning recipes:)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Natracare Giveaway- just a few days left to enter! (ends 9/17)

Don't forget to enter this fantastic giveaway from Natracare!  Click here to enter.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Success on Amazon

I don't know about you, but here at our house we use Amazon online to purchase a multitude of products.  A super saver shopper on our end, I always have luck finding the lowest price for the product I'm looking for on Amazon.  We also purchase most of our books and movies used through Amazon not only because we get the best price but also because I love the idea of recycling perfectly good products.

I know some of you are probably concerned with purchasing a used DVD that doesn't work properly due to scratches and smudges...I've never run into that problem and if I did, it can be returned for a full refund. 

Not only do we purchase products through Amazon, but we also sell our used but perfectly good books through them.  Just recently, and knowing that a new school year was about to begin, I posted my used textbooks for sale through Amazon and sold 2 of them within weeks.  I have been wanting to sell them for a few years but the University I attended wasn't buying them back any of the semesters...if any of you understand how much it hurts to purchase required textbooks for $100 a pop only to turn around and be offered $1 at the end of the semester will understand my excitement in selling them myself for more money! 

And so my day begins with a little less clutter in my house, a little more money in the bank and little satisfaction in recycling great books.

Enjoy your day!

Mommy Bridget

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother-ease Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway-ends 9/24

Mother-Ease Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway
I had the opportunity to review a wonderful all in one cloth diaper from Mother-easeMother-ease, a company that began designing, manufacturing and selling cloth diapers almost 20 years ago, carries a high quality diapering system met to fit all of your diapering needs AND your budget.  They carry everything from the All in One diaper I reviewed to One Size diapers to fit as your child grows to their Rikki Wrap cover for extra leak protection.  So if you prefer an "All in One" or a "One Size Fits All" diaper, they've got you covered.

Mother-ease uses 100% organic cotton and bamboo terry in their diapering system in combination to create a highly absorbent diaper that is also effectively leak proof.  Mother-ease cloth diapers have your child's comfort in mind.  They are very comfortable for your little ones because of their design and the sensitive fabrics.  The dyes used to color the diapers are also rated eco-friendly so you don't need to worry about nasty chemicals.

Mother-ease is also a socially responsible company that not only treats their employees with fair wages and benefits but is also a proud green company run by 100% green energy, making less of an environmental impact.

We reviewed Mother-ease's All in One cloth diaper.  This was the first cloth all in one diaper we've used on our son and would like to say how much we appreciate Mother-ease's All in One diaper's effectiveness and the "ease" or convenience of the diaper.  The waist and legs are fully elasticized to fit your child snugly.  The fabrics are great against my son's sensitive skin, the diaper is breathable and can quickly be put on and taken off and it washes easily (big bonus!).  Click here for their simple washing instructions.

Buy it:
You can buy a Mother-ease cloth diaper directly from their web site.  Click here to shop online.

Win it:
One lucky winner will receive a Mother-ease All in One cloth diaper.  Open to US and Canada residents.

To enter:
***Also, remember to leave your email address with your comments so you can be reached*** 
Subscribe to my blog (located on the left side of my home page).  This is MANDATORY to enter the giveaway.

You also have the opportunity for additional entries (one each) if you do any of the following:
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You have until September 24th at midnight to enter.

Good luck to you all,

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Low Entries: EcoMom Giveaway-ends Friday 9/10!

The EcoMom giveaway ends this Friday at midnight and so far, the entries are very low.  Enter here for your very good chance to win!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Natracare Review and Giveaway- ends 9/17

I had the opportunity to review Natracare's new mommy products which contained their nursing pads, maternity pads and baby wipes.  Natracare, a role model company and winner of an ethical award from the Ethical Company Organisation, is committed to your health and the health of the environment through sharing organic farming principles, taking toxic chemicals and hazards our of your personal care and by reducing the "plastic burden" created by most feminine hygiene products used today.

I'll never forget the day 10 years ago that I came across detailed information listing the ingredients in most feminine hygiene products.  Pesticides, herbicides and dioxins (such as chlorine), all toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, are the same ingredients you will find in most feminine hygiene products found on supermarket shelves.  I couldn't believe that product companies would produce and promote such products and not worry about the harm they would cause to women across the globe!

So during my next shopping trip I looked at the ingredients on the back of all the feminine hygiene product's boxes to find the list of ingredients and sure enough...they all contained harmful ingredients.  My next stop...a natural foods market to see the feminine hygiene products they carry and look to see if they were safe to use.  Low and behold...I found Natracare!  And I've been a loyal customer ever since that day.  

I should also note, the price of Natracare and other natural feminine hygiene products are comparable to those found at other stores.   I know the price of products we use today are very important to many of us.

Natracare's products are totally chlorine free, made from all natural materials and organic cotton, contain no additives such as dyes or perfumes, biodegradable and free from plastics.  It's no wonder why Natracare is the choice for so many women!

Natracare's mother and baby products were the winner of TIPS best eco-friendly products.  Midwife tested and approved, Natracare's products are a safe choice for new moms and their little ones.  

Their nursing pads are soft, comfortable and very absorent to use and kinder to breastfeeding moms and babies because they are safe against our skin.  

Natracare's maternity pads are also soft and contain no polyacrylate super absorbents or other synthetics.  

The new mommy who reviewed the maternity pads said they were thicker than she would have liked...making sitting down a little uncomfortable.  A maternity pad that is less dense would be more comfortable to use while healing from the side effects of birthing.

Natracare's baby wipes are so great!  They are very gentle to the touch, making it the perfect wipe for your baby's sensitive skin.  They are made from pure, organic plant extracts and oils in combination with other natural plant ingredients.  I highly recommend trying Natracare's baby wipes.

Buy it:
You can purchase Natracare's products all over the globe!  For retail store and online purchase listings in the US, click here.

Win it:
One lucky winner will win Natracare's new mom and baby products package which includes nursing pads, maternity pads and baby wipes) and their limited edition canvas tote bag (a $40 retail value!) and two lucky winners will each receive a package of Natracare's baby wipes.

To enter:
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You have until September 17th at midnight to enter.
Good luck to you all,

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earth: 2100

Since my son awoke this morning at 5:30 am and I wasn't quite ready to run around the house like most moms do, I flipped on the tv while Park played and found a show called Earth: 2100 on the History channel that caught my attention.  I'm so glad I did...what a GREAT show!

I remember seeing clips of the show last winter right around Earth Day.  The show's story begins in 2010 with a girl being born and how her life, her environment and human civilzation around her changes by the year 2100.  If anyone knows much but Jared Diamond's book, Collapse, the story is a perfect example of the direction our earth and species is headed if we don't make some major changes.  I highly recommend watching the show if you can! 

Following the program, I couldn't help but think to myself how if everyone on earth made one simple change in their daily lives/habits that was better for the environment, what an impact that would make.  I will be the very first to admit that there are many more things I need to change in my family's lifestyle to make less of an impact on the earth...but I am proud and confident in many of the choices I've made already.  Below are just a few things the program mentioned we can do as individuals that together, will make a large impact:
  • drive less
  • utilize mass transportation
  • grow your own food
  • shop locally
  • fluorescent bulbs
  • turn off lights
  • don't put into our water what you would not want to drink (pesticides, harmful toxins)
  • use less, waste less
  • support wind/solar power
  • support green development
  • walk!
  • take proper care of your vehicle
  • question your "need" for a high powered SUV
  • my favorite:  BE AWARE and CARE
Although there are days that I wonder to myself whether or not my blog about sustainable living/mothering and green news is making an impact, I am so glad that I am trying.  I couldn't imagine living a life not worrying about the impact my habits are making on our children's future and the future of the earth.  Maybe my choices won't matter in the end...but I'd rather die trying to make a difference than doing nothing at all!

If you are reading this than hooray to you all for caring too!

Have a wonderful restful weekend,

Mommy Bridget

Friday, September 3, 2010

Seventh Generation's "Let's Talk...Period" Campaign

Please join Seventh Generation in kicking off September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Seventh Generation is committed to donating $1 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for every person that signs up at Let’s Talk…Period (up to $10,000). Funds will be used for programs supporting women fighting ovarian cancer.
For more details and components of Let’s Talk…Period and for more information on ovarian cancer, visit the blogger info site.
 ~Mommy Bridget

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maggie's Pureland Discount

Maggie's Pureland is offering a 20% discount on any order now thru September 6th.  So for those of you wanting to take advantage of labor day sales, here is a great one! 
Enter code word: HAPPY when checking out.

Have a great labor day weekend and safe travels,

Mommy Bridget