Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only imagine my husband making fun of me right now for the title of this post..."...MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!", but I find it fitting.  For yesterday was my 32nd birthday and it was all about me (and Park of course:).  It's the one day a year I allow myself to be spoiled, I don't worry about anything that should be done and I revel in eating delicious food and enjoying my day with the ones I love. 

Forget about expecting this and that from so and so, I learned that a LONG time ago...not to expect anything on my birthday.  But instead, to be joyful and appreciative for what comes my way.  It is a wonderful way to live, I highly recommend it.  And how fun it was! 

And instead of my husband doing his usual spectacular plans and surprises for my special day, he told me to go and buy something I want and to pick any restaurant to go to for dinner.  I rather liked that idea since being pregnant makes me indecisive and impulsive.  I literally waited until the last minute to decide what I wanted.  It was awesome! 

I heard from SO many wonderful people, I had a blast with other parents and their little ones, I picked up a little something I've wanted for 2 years despite the cost:), spent time with my beautiful family and I gorged myself on what could only be described as pure heaven on multiple plates.

And to top off my evening, we came home and my boys and I celebrated with yummy gourmet cupcakes. 
You can't put a price on that cheese!  What a fun day. 

Have a great day!  I know I will...


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