Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweetheart's Day

As I ponder the special day in which we call Valentine's Day, I relish the idea that we need to dedicate a day to sit back and focus on cherishing the ones we love.  Not that we don't cherish the ones we love daily...but really devote more time and effort into these people who help make us who we are and remind us why it's so amazing to be alive.

Even though I didn't wake up to a bouquet of red roses nor did I buy anything extra special for my my lovey, I love today.  Today means so much to me because I know how blessed I am to have people in my life that are extra extra special to me.  My husband is so wonderful.  There aren't enough words to describe his warm heart, his sensitivity to his family and friends, and especially the way he loves me and what we as a unit mean to him.  Our son is to us a large display of the love Marshall and I have always had for one another.  Park is so beautiful, so loving, so eager to learn, to be his own self.  My family is by far more amazing than I could have ever dreamed a family to be....and not only my little family but also the family in which I came from. 

My siblings and I share a common true respect and deep love for one another, despite the distance between all of us.  We share a common bond that I have yet to see in another family.  I love that the minute my son sees any of my family members he is comfortable enough to hug them, to kiss them, to smile at them with his cute little dimples, and to fall asleep in my sister's loving arms like he would my very own.  Although we are so different from one another in terms of personalities and interests, we often times sense one another's needs and emotions.  There is nothing in comparison to the love me and my rockin' sibs have for one another and for one another's children.  And I can only think that these ties as siblings are the effect of coming from a loving home, a home where our parents love one another more deeply than the day they were married.  We are all so blessed and I am thankful.

Valentine's Day to me is a day where I relax and remind myself how truly blessed I am to love and to be loved.  And even though Marshall and I aren't getting ready to go out to a beautiful dinner (I'm making chili), I am even happier knowing that as my sweet son sleeps soundly in his bedroom, I anxiously await his awakening to where we all will view a video of the day my husband and I were married.  With a glass of champagne in hand of course;)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all,

Mommy Bridget

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  1. Bridget- that was so beautifully written! I actually don't look forward to V-day for reasons of bad memory association (most having nothing to do with boyfriends) but I loved being able to see it through your eyes and hope sometime in the future I will once again be able to appreciate Valentine's Day even half as much as you do!
    Love you girl and miss you sooo much.