Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potty Time

So as my son ran around wild this evening in the buck, my husband and I thought it was a good time to work on a little interaction with the potty.  No not us, our son.  It was a good time for Park to get a little comfortable with the strange seat Mommy and Daddy sit on every now and again.

We sat Park on the toilet, holding him up underneath his arms and talking to him about potty time...but the toilet appeared to be swallowing his cute little body so I decided it wasn't worth our time until I purchased a potty seat Park's size to fit on our adult size toilet seat (in our case short people adult size toilet seat).  As we came back into the living room and sat down, Park quickly ran back into our hallway and the bathroom door shut.  A minute later, Marshall went back to retrieve our son from his bathroom mischief but to his surprise, found our little guy standing on the toilet seat and peeing.

And it was glorious...despite the fact that the toilet seat cover was down and pee was everywhere.  But hey, he has part of the idea right?!!!

Proud Mommy Bridget

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