Friday, February 19, 2010 - Teen dies after accidentally shooting himself - Teen dies after accidentally shooting himself

I know that it's becoming redundant that I keep posting articles from my local news about guns and accidents related to guns but in doing so, I'm hoping that what I see on a daily basis due to the lax laws our country has on gun ownership, you will see how we urgently need stronger and stricter gun laws. I am alarmed at how much protest there is regarding the issue and can only pinpoint this being due to cultural practices...especially out here in the wild wild west.

I would really love some input from others who live outside of the US, are from another country, or are Natives to this land on the topic of gun laws.

This topic, although about guns, is so concerning to me as a mother. Sometimes when I'm home alone, I worry about intruders with guns and how my family could escape the harm of them. I worry about my son growing older and going to public schools where yearly, there are shootings in our country where children are killed from the wrath of an adolescent with a gun. And I worry about the possibility of having a child with severe that in a given moment of sadness, would choose to take their own life with a gun. This topic affects us as mothers in every way possible. I urge you to rethink your stance on why guns are made and the devastation they produce.

Mommy Bridget

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  1. It's an epidemic all over this country. Kids are coming to school with guns every day, getting shot by bus stops. I had my wallet stolen several weeks ago and now we are in fear of being robbed or beaten because someone we don't know has our address. It's a scarey world and just getting scarier. When my husband was in the military, we babysat a gun for a friend of his, I hated having a gun in the house. Now, as we are older and one of us is disabled, it is even scarier. Not too long ago I was so depressed if we would have owned a gun, I would have put it to my head. Not so any longer, but yes, in the wrong hands at the wrong time they are dangerous. I think the USA is the worst.