Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another day, another milestone

Today was surely a hallmark in my son's life and in my life as a mother.  At around 1 pm (naptime), I hesitantly (because of usual defiance from my son) walked down the stairs to get Park out of his play room for naptime.  As soon as I said let's go go take a nap buddy, he put his new favorite Thomas the Train toys away in a drawer, motioned for me to turn off the light, and ran up the stairs.  As we reached the hallway landing, I was sure Park would turn left towards the kitchen and want to snack.  Instead and to my stark surprise, he turned right and ran to his bedroom.  He then had a big smile on his face because he knew it was breastfeeding time (or in other words, his favorite bonding time).

He went down for his nap without a peep.

My son is getting so big.  I love moments like these in which you know that you have done something right when your son puts himself down for his afternoon nap!

Grateful and sleepy myself,

Mommy Bridget

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