Monday, February 22, 2010 - Pediatricians urge choking warning labels for food - Pediatricians urge choking warning labels for food

I felt this was important enough to repost. Labeling foods children eat that are choking hazards would save lives. One thing I distinctly remember regarding foods to avoid for little ones came from my sister in law Andrea (thank you!!!). She said some items that were easy for toddlers to choke on that you may not think of were hot dogs, carrots, and popcorn. I would also add cheese sticks and frozen fruit bars (I choked on a popsicle in high school (thank God they melt!)) to that list. My son choked on string cheese at around a year old. He took a bite before I got the chance to peel it for him...and when he eats his turkey hot dogs, I still cut them into small pieces.

It's better to be super safe than to be sorry later on.

Mommy Bridget

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  1. I would also add grapes to the list. Kids love them but giving it to them whole is a bad idea, they are very easy to choke on.