Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't worry...Grandma is here

On Saturday, we were so lucky to have my Momma grace us with her presence here in Salt Lake.  Living 1000 miles away from one another gets to be so difficult at times...thank goodness for phones!  But a couple of times a year, my mother willingly hops on a jet plane and coasts on down this way to spend some time together.  It's so exciting to have her here.  We get to spend tons of time together doing fun things like eating out and shopping:)  While shopping and dining is fun and exciting, I found the most fulfilling times we have with each other are doing simple things like cooking dinner, chatting over coffee in our pj's, going for walks, and most of all, watching the relationship and close bond my son shares with my own Mommy.  There is nothing like a Grandmother's love for her grandchildren. 

Lately, Park seems to be going through a stage of stranger anxiety.  Wait no, not only with strangers, pretty much with everyone who isn't me or is Daddy. It has been a bit of a surprise and at times a struggle when he sees someone walk in the door he has known is whole life and hides his face (or hits me) because he is no longer comfortable.  But the minute my Mom walked through our door (or actually got into our car from the airport), Park and her have been inseparable.  He sure loves his Grandma!

Yesterday, at 9:45 am Park was playing with his train in his playroom which is next to the room Grandma is staying in.  While my Mom lay in her bed reading a book, my son ventured in and climbed onto the bed to say hello.  He played with her feet for a minute, thinking it was funny to grab them while they were under the blanket.  Then, and to my mom's surprise, Park laid down next to her, closed his eyes, and fell asleep. 

My Mom came up the stairs and in a quiet voice said I think Park is asleep on my bed!  Stunned, I had to go down the stairs to see for myself.  Sure enough, Park was fast asleep.  And he slept for 2 hours.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me anymore when Park does things such as this for my Mom that he's never done for me...she did raise 4 children.  But the capacity with which Park feels so comfortable with my Mom despite our distance and relative infrequency of visits is surprising to say the least.

We are so blessed to have family.  There is nothing like sharing our young families with our own parents, brothers, and sisters what it truly means to be family and to have one another.

Mommy Bridget

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