Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh the Smell of Sweet...SNOW?

The last week in Salt Lake City was a perfect display of the late winter's mild weather condition with temperatures in the 40's and 50's and the boom of people beginning to emerge outdoors. I was so glad to see the weather was kind while my mother visited. It was a good vacation from her usual sub-zero temperatures and frigid conditions of the North. We definitely spent sometime outdoors, running around the yard with Park, playing in sandboxes, and cleaning up the yard from winter's debris. We had beautiful days to say the least.

But after delivering Grandma back to the airport, I noticed a cool breeze kicking in.  A bit of rain here and there followed by large gusts of colder air in the afternoon.  Then, as I emerged from bed this morning...I opened up our back door to let the dogs out and this is what I discovered.

Winter Willie is still here.  Good thing I pulled out my patio furniture...I hope it's water proof!   

I'm not really complaining though.  It's obvious we need the moisture (in case you didn't get the picture...that's Park's hair standing up with static).

Mommy Bridget

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