Friday, March 26, 2010

Tomorrow is Earth Hour

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 pm is Earth Hour. All over the world, people will be turning their lights off for one hour. This could truly be one of the most amazing "mass" world events we have ever seen. Can you imagine how much electricity would be saved if you all participated? Take pictures during this them on my blog. How exciting!!

As posted by Earth Hour,

March 18, 2010
Capture the moment - Earth Hour has arrived!  

It's now a week away from Earth Hour and we want to help you prepare for the big day with a quick how-to guide to sharing your photos, videos, blog posts and tweets with us and the rest of the globe on the night.
At 8.30pm on 27 March, lights will go out for one hour all over the world and we’d love you to help capture the moment in your area. We’re going to be adding your photos and videos to the homepage of on the night as it happens around the world, so upload your images and videos as soon as you can.

Upload your photos:

Upload your videos:

Tweets and blog posts: use the tag '#earthhour' to help us find your post


1. Upload your photos to your own Flickr account
2. Join our group:
3. Add your photos to the group
4. To help us identify where they come from, please name and tag the photos with:
'Earth Hour, Earth Hour 2010, your city, your country'

1. Upload your videos to your own YouTube account
2. Add your videos to
3. To help us identify where they come from, please name and tag the videos with:
'Earth Hour, Earth Hour 2010, your city, your country'

Tweets and Blog Posts

Let us know what is happening in your area and what you are doing on the night on Twitter and, if you have one, on your own blog. Use #earthhour for your tweets and tag your blog posts ‘earth hour’ so that we can easily find your posts. Follow @earthhour on Twitter to receive updates from around the globe across the duration of Earth Hour.

By following these steps, you can easily share your Earth Hour experience with the rest of the world and truly be a part of the greatest mass participation event in history.

Please consider this wonderful opportunity,
Mommy Bridget
(thanks for the heads up JB:)


  1. Ok, so is that 830 at night in each time zone or is it differing for each time zone so it is at exactly the same time all over the country? Or will it be one hour at a time for twenty four hours as it will be day time in Europe, etc. when we do it over here?

    I remember this last year. Someone posted pictures of Al Gore's ginormous mansion during 'Earth Hour' and they were all over the internet. He had indoor lights/TV/computers on, outdoor lights lighting trees outside of his house, lights that illuminate his driveway, etc. All were on! Hilarious! Now THAT's an inconvenient truth! Ha ha ha!

  2. I believe, but don't quote me, that "earth hour" is not going to be the exact same hour all over the world. Meaning, it's already occurring in other countries.

    I highly respect Al Gore and can only attribute last year's lighting expo at his mansion to be him not having any idea of the special day or a possible absence from his property that day.

    Nonetheless, I wouldn't put it past anyone...unfortunately. I'm looking at tomorrow as being more of a moment in time where people take a leave of the ordinary (watching tv for me) by turning things off for a moment....and experiencing either a wonderful silence or the voices of the ones we love.