Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Traditions

In lieu of Easter this coming weekend, Park and I worked on some new family traditions.  Yesterday, we decided to dye Easter eggs.  The other day I purchased the Paas brand kit I remember using as a child from the Dollar Store and a carton of eggs just for the day.  We hard boiled our eggs, and when they were cool enough we began dying.  Unfortunately, we came to the conclusion through trial and error that brown eggs don't pick up dye all too well.  The only colors that ended up working were blue and red...but the eggs had to sit in the dye for over an hour.  Needless to say, Park lost interest REAL fast and we had to pick up on the
decorating after dinner.
Anyways, we didn't let this get us down.  When the eggs were dry, I let Park decorate his eggs with dinosaur stickers.  I was a little worried that the stickers were too small for him to maneuver and maybe a bit to advanced to figure out.  However, he proved me wrong!  He's such a genius:)  I also think we could have used washable paints and let him paint his eggs.  That would have been really fun!  Next year...
After craft time was over, he wanted to "help" his Mommy and Daddy eat the eggs.  So he cracked the eggs, peeled them, salted them, and fed them to us.  What a day!  He did a really good job.
I also have an Easter basket that I'm going to make for Park.   I plan on putting it in his bedroom so that he can wake up on Sunday with a surprise from the Easter Bunny!  I have crayons and little cars to put in his basket as well as the usual plastic eggs.  However, I still haven't decided what to put in the eggs for his basket AND for the little Easter egg hunt we are going to do.  Uncommon Momsense's cute Mommy blog posted some good ideas for what to put inside the eggs...I'm thinking I'll do healthy snacks for the basket and money for the hunt.  Oh the days!

Have a wonderful day!

Mommy Bridget

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