Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In With Your Old

As spring is approaching, I've found myself shedding our house of unused items, clothes that don't fit, blankets we don't need or use, toys that Park has outgrown, and old television sets.  I hate clutter and I think (Mom, correct me if I'm wrong) that I have a bad habit of hanging on to items that I will never use again.  Therefore, spring cleaning is a must!  All items go into a spot in the garage to await their monthly pick up which is SO great.  Pick up?  Yes, I said pick up. 

When I first received a notice from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, notifying us of a pick up day in my neighborhood,  I looked at the list of items they were looking for for donation and thought, Yes!  I have so many items I want to get rid of to someone who really needs them and how great that I they come to ME to pick them up!  And so it began.

All too often, people in America get lazy and throw out unwanted items which end up as waste in our landfills.  Books, clothes, bedding, baby clothes, toys...these are all things that are wanted and desparately needed across the globe.  Why not take a minute out of your day and give your old items to someone who needs them?  So next time you are getting rid of household items, contact an organization in your area and donate them.  Popular organizations that accept donations include:

Remember:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Donate!

Mommy Bridget


  1. I just cleaned out my closet too. I separated the clothes into 2 categories-donation and consignment. The clothes for consignment I took in to Buffalo Exchange and they took about 15% of what I brought in and actually paid me $46.90 for it. Everything else is going to be donated to Safe Nest which is a domestic violence shelter and counseling center here.