Friday, October 29, 2010

Park's Book

About a month ago, Park's child development specialist suggested a really great idea to get Park more interested in books, letters and engaging in language development.  She suggested I create a personal book with pictures of items Park knows and loves, then to go through it with him naming the objects (and so on).  I began reading books to Park at a very early age and have always been a bit disappointed his interest in books disappeared around the age of one and has yet to return.  The minute Park's specialist made the suggestion I knew it was a fine idea.  And so I immediately began creating his little book.

I often times upload photos to Walgreens online because it is easy and inexpensive so I thought I would check there first to see if they offered personal photo books.  And to my luck, they did!  For only $9.99 plus tax, you can upload photos to create a book of 20 pages.  I couldn't wait to begin.

I took photos of objects in our home that Park loves such as his favorite car toy, his laughing Elmo doll and his Daddy.  I also gathered photos we already had taken such as his first potty experience and brushing his teeth.  I chose the alphabet book pattern Walgreens had available (they have SO many to choose from) and tried to link up the first letter of the object with that page (e.g. "C" was the picture of his car, "E" for Elmo).

The book came in the mail while I was out of town and Marshall told me Park loved to look at it.  How fun for a little guy to see a book of things that he loves so much from his very own home!  I really feel that it is a great reintroduction to a love for books, reading and associating and a really good tool to use for engaging our little ones!  I also thought it was a good idea for Park to have while I was out of town (because there are photos of me in it:)  Therefore, he could see me whenever he felt lonely for his Momma!

~Mommy Bridget

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  1. I just wrote on another blog that I wanted to make one of these for my daughter since Im gone more at work than my husband. I wanted to fill it with a lot of pictures of me so she wouldnt miss me as much when shes older. I love yours and am glad your son does too. I'll wait until another free photo book rolls around.