Thursday, October 14, 2010

Organyc Review

Organyc Review
Awhile back, I became aware of the dangers of common ingredients found in many feminine products on market shelves today. After doing some research on those ingredients, which include pesticides, herbicides and dioxins (such as chlorine), I was astounded that these same chemicals were found in many of the feminine hygenine products I was using!

Known to be highly toxic, dioxins can cause reproductive and developmental problems, disrupt hormones and cause cancer.  For these ingredients to be found in feminine hygiene products is unacceptable.  That's why we can be thankful for companies such as Organyc who produces safe products for women to use.

Organyc was founded in 1947 when they began producing products for "sensitive" women.  Since then, they have developed feminine products that are made from 100% organic cotton, hypoallergenic, organic and biodegradable.  Organyc produces sustainable products to safely fit consumer's needs.

Products made from 100% organic cotton is not only safer for you but also for the environment.  Organic practices greatly reduces the environmental impact production and manufacturing can cause.  Made without genetically modified organisms, you can rest assured that the production of Organyc's products have minimal impact on the environment and will be safe to consumers.

We reviewed a variety of Organyc's products which include their feminine panty liners, pads and tampons as well as their feminine wash and intimate wipes.

Organyc's feminine panty liners and pads are made, as said earlier, with 100% organic cotton.  They have pads and panty liners made for day use, night use and come in different sizes to fit for your comfort. The all natural ingredients in Organyc's pads and panty liners are made for even the most sensitive of women.

Organyc's feminine tampons are made from 100% organic cotton.  They are available in 3 sizes: regular, super and super plus.  They are also available with or without cardboard applicators to suit your needs.  Organyc's feminine products work very well and are comparable to other natural feminine products while at a price to fit within your budget.

Organyc's intimate wash is made from vegetal ingredients to form a surface-active agent which cleanses while it's sugary and skin protective ingredients including cottonseed oil, which is highly emollient, leaves the skin moisturized and soft.  The intimate wash, lacking any harmful ingredients, is safe to use for most even with sensitive skin.  I found this product very luxurious while remaining protective and sensitive to my skin's needs.

Organyc's wet wipes are so soft!  And there is no alcohol, chlorine or parabens found in these wipes.  They do contain lactic acid to help stabilize your pH while avoiding any skin irritation and calendula and chamomile glyceric extracts to promote restful, calm skin.  They also have a light, refreshing scent leaving you feeling fresh and clean without leaving harmful residue on your skin.

Buy it:  
Organyc's products are found in over 20 countries across the globe.  I came across Organyc's products for the first time at Target.  Click here to find a local retailer near you.  You can also click here for a free sample and $1 off coupon for your purchase.

I want to thank Organyc for the opportunity to review many of their wonderful products and for producing products that not only have little impact on the environment but are safe for us to use.  

Bridget James
(author of) The Curious Case of Mommyhood


  1. I found the organyc tampons difficult to use. I like the idea of organic tampons but in practice it just didn't work. Specifically, the plunger would not slide easily, making it difficult to insert the tampon. Did you actually try them out? Did you have the same problems? I am 34 years old and no new comer to tampons. Maybe I have been spoiled with the ease of tampax pearl?

  2. sorry to hear you had problems with the applicator. I have yet to try Organyc's tampons but have used other organic tampons with a cardboard applicator for years and have not had any problems with them. I can see why a plastic applicator would be easier to use...I guess that is the price you pay for using cardboard instead of plastic.

  3. Have you looked into Emerita feminine cloths and wash? I've tried the Organyc wash but love the convenience of the Emerita pH-balanced cloths.