Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Belly Rub

I had my 20 week appointment with my midwife today and everything looked great.  Although I measured exactly 20 centimeters which is where I should be, I questioned how large I thought my belly already was.  Everyone told me that I would feel like this because I've already had a child  ("popping" out sooner), but I still wonder if I'm growing a jolly green giant inside of me:)  Even my belly button is already protruding!  So I thought it's about time I begin my daily regimen of using belly rub to ease the tension of my skin.  (By the way, I must comment how amazing I think our bodies are that we can grow these huge bundles in our bellies, watch our body increase in size like nothing we ever imagined, then watch it bounce (literally) back like nothing ever happened!)

With my last pregnancy, I found a recipe for a simple belly rub and used it throughout my entire pregnancy.  It definitely worked well, seeing as though I didn't end up with any stretch marks (although a lot of that is due to inherited genes)...but I still think that if you eat right, drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin better than you ever have before, you can help prevent the markings of a growing baby on your belly.

So I've made another batch of my belly rub and wanted to share the recipe with you all (recipe found in source: Herbs for Health and Healing by Kathy Keville (pictured to the right)).  It is VERY easy!
Here you go:
  • 4 400-International Unit Vitamin E capsules or equivalent
  • 4 ounces almond oil
  • 1/2 ounce cocoa butter
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil
Put the almond oil in a small saucepan and heat on low.  Add the vitamin E (open up capsules and pour into pan).  Add the cocoa butter.   After the cocoa butter melts, remove mixture from heat and let it cool.  Then add the lavender essential oil drops and mix.  I recommend storing the belly rub in a container that easily pours without spilling.

Enjoy the beautiful day,

Mommy Bridget

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