Monday, October 11, 2010 and High Road for Human Rights

Over this past weekend, individuals in over 188 countries got together at over 7300 events across the globe to unite and bring awareness over the global crisis of climate change.  In my neck of the woods, Rocky Anderson (former Mayor of Salt Lake City) organized a day of fun for a cause called the High Road Cooler World Music Festival at a local park. He wanted to create a day where locals got together and shared awareness to protect our earth and its inhabitants.   The festival is part of a much larger initiative, called HighRoad for Human Rights.

High Road for Human Rights organizes, supports, and mobilizes an extensive network of people to prevent and eliminate human rights abuses by: (1) elevating awareness about human rights abuses and available solutions, and (2) taking unified actions to achieve changes that will enhance the protection of human rights. (
For those of you wondering how High Road for Human Rights all began:

High Road for Human Rights was founded to stop the cycle of complacency – to elevate understanding by people in communities throughout the nation and to organize them so they will be empowered to help make a difference. By taking the High Road, you can join in a mass movement to make certain effective action is taken to protect the human rights of people around the world and help High Road continue its vital work.

Did any of you make it to a High Road event in your area?

If you are interested in joining the "High Road", go here to learn more and  join your local chapter.  If you are interested in learning more about, the worldwide community of social awareness and greener world activists, go here.

There is so much we can do to help bring awareness of our global crisis, so why not take a few minutes to learn more?  And there is so much fun to be had involving our little ones in our efforts!

~Curious Mommy

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