Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creativity to the Sound of Music

My son has endless amounts of energy.  Since he was only months old, he began a routine of waking up around 5:30 in the morning.  To our sleepy eyed delight, this habit remains 2 years later.  When he awakes in the morning, he bounces out of bed, comes to our room and drags us out of bed as well.  He is always CLEARLY ready to begin his day! 

To our delight on this Sunday morning, our morning wake up call was no different than any other day...(that's a joke btw) so after an hour of coaxing our son to sit and watch a show on the television to give us a chance to awake (in the dark no less!), we decided it was time for us all to begin our day as well.

After the usual play in his playroom, house clean up from the night before, showers and dress...I thought what appeared to be a beautiful morning arising deserved some classical music to go along with it.  I turned on a classical channel that plays beautiful tunes, cranked up the volume, and watched Park go from wandering from toy to toy, room to room, to leading me to his art closet wanting to paint.  What a grand a idea!

We got out his paints and brushes, got him set up and watched as he played with the colors and textures, learned that he needed to hold the paper down with one hand while painting with his other, and blended the colors to produce what can only be described as a masterpiece:)

I mean REALLY...don't you think this belongs in the Chicago Museum of Modern Art!

So to end my note on my child's energy and painting to music:

The importance of creativity through the arts and music can easily be forgotten in the jumble of what we call parenthood.  If you have a child, like me, that has a ton of energy just needing to be released...I find this to be a great tool to put that energy to creative use.  It is never to early to expose your children to the arts and in doing so, what a great reminder of how much YOU enjoy them too!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,

Mommy Bridget


  1. What a great reminder ... and that definitely belongs in the MoMA ;)