Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mercury Rising

My son woke up at 4:30am again this morning....let him cry himself back to sleep which never happened.  The good news is the entire house got to listen to him scream for and hour and a half until I went in and got him.

Second day this week.

So being especially angry this morning, I will rant on the obsurdity of the H1N1 hype:

In pushing this vaccine forward, Washington suspended mercury restrictions in the flu vaccine.  Mercury has been used as a preservative in vaccines for years until it was found to cause serious neurological disorders and has been linked to autism.

While the public assumes mercury in Thimerasol has been removed from has not.

People!  Hello!!!  Anybody in there???  This is much more dangerous than getting the flu.  But if you want to give in to all the media hype and harm your body while putting more cash in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies... be my guest.

Do your homework.

Mommy Bridget


  1. Amen. I love to see people get angry where anger is called for. Health or money? Health or money? Health or money? This is the simple question our politician's and FDA and WHO, and CDC are faced with everyday. It's sad to know they all choose money. All of them.

  2. Agreed. I would like to know who we can trust? Besides ourselves and our own judgment of course...

  3. hey bridge! my sister said she asks for the vaccines without are you saying they just say they take it out and don't really?

  4. I have read and been told that the "removed" Thimerosal from vaccines because it contains Mercury. However, when I asked Park's pediatrician's assistant if I could be sure to get the MMR vaccine without Thimerosal she said those are only available at the county health clinic. If you research, vaccines are still made with small traces of Mercury used as a preservative. The new H1N1 vaccine has a lot. The government removed the limit or restrictions of Mercury contained in it.