Wednesday, October 21, 2009

60 Minutes Reports on the H1N1 epidemic

I apreciate good journalism so I thought you might too...especially during the wake of daily reports of "H1N1".

While watching this video clip, ask yourself the question..."why is the government, the CDC, and the media giving this flu strain so much attention when it's no different than any other flu?"

Now ask yourself who would benefit from this attention.

The answer stares you directly in the face.

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My postings may be becoming redundant but I hear daily more and more people I know are "diagnosed" with the H1N1 flu.  People are scared.  And so I feel obligated as a mother, as a caregiver, to give peace of mind to all of you.  Just like any other flu, the statistics of suffering to the extent of needing hospitalization is equally the same as any flu any year. I feel terrible for those who suffer this year from the flu..  

But how do we know the risks involved with the H1n1 vaccine when it was just FDA approved? Are the risks greater getting the vaccine than not and possibly getting H1N1 this year?

Mommy Bridget

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