Friday, October 23, 2009

Cudos to the Many

I woke up to feeling obliged to quote a paragraph from a book borrowed to me (thank you AGAIN Jess). There are so many wonderful mothers out there. But so many of those same people cross judgment on one another. It's unnecessary, it's unwanted, and it's caused purely from insecurities. And so I believe this excerpt will be a valuable reminder of who we are as mothers, as individuals, and the amazing possibilities we have right in front of us if we only would let go of the insecurities we face and be who we truly are.

The saddest part of life lies not in the act of dying, but in failing to truly live while we are alive. Too many of us play small with our lives, never letting the fullness of our humanity see the light of day. I've learned that what really counts in life, in the end, is not how many toys we've collected or how much money we've accumulated, but how many of our talents we've liberated and used for a purpose that adds value to this world. What truly matters most are the lives we've touched and the legacy that we've left.

Family Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Robin Sharma

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  1. Bridget ,
    Isn't that book incredible? It brought tears to my eyes, and warmth to my soul more than I ever knew possible. I am so glad you are reading it. And am grateful that you are enjoying it.
    All my love,