Thursday, October 22, 2009

8 Easy Ways to Save Money in Your Home

Below are 8 easy ways to not only save money on your utility bills but also to reduce carbon emissions.

1. Reduce temperature this winter by 2 degrees during the day and 10 degrees when you are away for the day or during the night.

2. Wash all laundry in cold (with the exception of bedding). About 90% of energy used during laundry cycles goes to heating the water.

3. Recycle your old refrigerator. The old refrigerators use up the majority of electricity out of all appliances, especially the older models. Replace it with an energy efficient model which not only eliminates energy used but you can also get a rebate from your local energy companies with the purchase. Some also pick up your old refrigerator at no cost and send you a check in the mail for recycling it. Talk about a no brainer!

4. Switch out current light bulbs with the 6-year fluorescent bulbs. They consume 25% of electricity compared to the regular bulbs and last up to 12 times longer.

5. Switch off electronics when not in use. That cell phone charger always plugged in to the outlet, whether charging the phone or not, is still pulling electricity out. You can also unplug the toaster, microwave, DVD player...even though they are not in use they still are idling therefore using power.

6. Adjust your water heater temperature to 120 degrees.

7. While running your dishwasher, be sure to have a full load, skip the pre-rinse cycle (I always run mine on a short cycle which still lasts an hour plus) and air dry.

8. Install a low flow showerhead and low flow faucet heads. These are very inexpensive and can reduce up to 370 pounds of emissions/year plus save on your heat and water bills.

These are very easy ways to reduce our monthly bills and reduce our carbon footprint. You can also go to your local utility company web sites for more ways to reduce bills and for rebate offers on purchasing energy efficient appliances and recycling programs.

Have a wonderful day!

Mommy Bridget

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