Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adult Acne ugh!

Growing up I was blessed with good skin.  No really, I can count the number of those icky blemishes I got as a teenager on one hand.  After my teenage years, I assumed I was clear of the side affects of hormones from puberty.  I assumed wrong.

Before I new I was preggo, I noticed the skin on my face had a new "shine" to it.  Everytime I glanced in the mirror it looked and felt as though I had 5 layers of oily makeup on.  So I began a stricter regimen of washing my face twice a day versus once.  Nothing changed.  It became worse.  Then the scary news...I was pregnant.

As my body began to explode in every which direction, my face began to break out.  "I loved my skin when I was pregnant" was all I ever heard.  "Pregnant women have a beautiful glow".  Ya right...I was glowing so much you could see your reflection on my face!  It was gross.

But I was pregnant.  There was nothing I could do about my newfound sheen.  And the acne on my face was nothing of importance in comparison to the wonder growing in my belly, so I sucked it up "knowing" that it would clear after the baby was out.  WRONG!

17 months later, although the clear shine on my face is now gone...I've been left with small bouts of adult acne.  And it's wonderful.  I guess it's a (very) small price we pay for motherhood.

Mommy Bridget

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