Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just the 2 of Us

Last week, my husband took off to Atlanta for work.  He has been gone for 5 nights and 6 days as of today, and we don't plan on seeing him for another day or so.  Although I was preemptively worried about this time of his absence (being so pregnant and stuck at home alone with our 2 year old for such a long period of time) my son and I have had a really good time together and it has been anything but lonely.  I truly believe that our great week together, although my inability to be too active, has been all about our attitude about the situation.

Because attitude is EVERYTHING.

And it's all the little things in life that really matter.

Many friends, neighbors and family members have been SO kind in calling and checking in on us, making sure we are doing okay and whether we need anything.  I know my Mom has forced my little brother to make multiple visits to our house because I've officially seen his family more in the last week then I've seen of them in months (Mom and brother and wife, you are SO sweet:)  Everyone keeps asking if we are doing okay, as if I should be wallowing in my loneliness and boredom...which I could have been doing, but chose not to.  Although I miss my husband terribly, it's amazing and surprising to say that I haven't felt lonely at all.  My son has been a wonderful companion, and if anything, I've been soaking up these last precious moments of our one on one time together before Park is no longer an only child.

And I swear that Park knows, even though he is only 2, that I need his support and patience now more than ever in these last days of pregnancy.  For instance, this morning as we awoke and I began my body turn to push my very pregnant self out of bed (a definite daily challenge), little Park tried to assist me.  He was behind me trying to push my body out of bed...it was hilarious!  Who knew a 2 year old knew how to help a very pregnant and physically challenged woman get out of bed?!!

(I had to add this picture to the right of Park vacuuming.  He now enjoys helping with this chore:)

And every day at nap and bed time, Park happily got into bed and kissed me instead of putting up an occasional fuss about having to end his play time.  I too was able to nap while Park did...thank the heavens because I've really needed it at this point as sleeping during the night is becoming more and more of a challenge.  Daily, he has played outside alone, with our doggies, for an hour at a time without complaint.  It's so cute watching Park entertain himself, creating stories and talking to the dogs about them.  And everywhere we have gone, Park is right by my side, either holding my hand or helping me with our errands.  He likes to push carts, load the groceries onto the checkout stand, and carry items out to the car.  He is such a great little helper...and he does it all with pleasure.  How ever did I end up with such a sweet child I will never know.  I always thought most 2 year olds were terribly engrossed in themselves.  I didn't know they became aware of others and compassionate at such a young age...

It's not to say that we have gone all these days without any eventful moments.  The very first night with Marshall gone I awoke at 2 am to mild contractions.  I timed them while I lay in bed for 1 hour and they came every 6-7 minutes.  I thought to myself, this is just great...I go into labor the first night my husband is gone and I'm all alone.  So I got up, drank a ton of water and sat in front of the television for another hour while timing the contractions.  For another 45 minutes, they continued at every 6-7 minutes.  Then they began to get longer apart, eventually going away and I was able to go back to bed.

I've also officially had migraines EVERYDAY for 13 days now which during the period between the onset of the headache and when my meds kick in are debilitating to say the very least.  And Park has allowed for me to lie with my eyes closed until I can function again without so much as a fuss.

And every time we got out of the house for a play date or to make a trip to the library or store, my body kept telling me that if I continued the physical activity, I might be speeding up the labor process.  And so we spent the majority of our time at home.  And somehow, the days never felt long.  The best part has been going to bed with my little man, listening to his whispers to me as he fell asleep, and waking up to his smiling face every morning.  Maybe this time alone, just the two of us, has been a blessing in disguise.

The two lessons learned from this last week:
  • Never underestimate the power, strength and understanding of a 2 year old and 
  • ALWAYS remember your attitude!

~Mommy Bridget

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