Monday, February 7, 2011

Erbaorganic's "Mommy-to-be" Products From Organic Baby Gift Boutique: A Review

Welcome to the world of organic baby and mommy-to-be products!  Organic Baby Gift Boutique carries everything from organic baby clothes with impeccable design to safe feeding supplies for your wee ones to bath and body products for even the most sensitive of skin.  They are committed to providing a secure online source with which to buy products safe for you, your families and the environment.

Organic Baby Gift Boutique's "for mamma" line carries many must have products to care for your skin during pregnancy.  One of their wonderful organic lines comes from Erbaorganics.  I had the pleasure to review this product line during my pregnancy, and reviewed (and am still using) their "stretch mark oil" and "stretch mark cream".

Skin smoothing certified USDA organic formula for growing bellies. Highly moisturizing and nurturing organic oils help skin in expanding with pregnancy versus fighting against it. Promotes healthy skin while locking in moisture and keeping it soft and supple. Use stretch mark cream in the morning and stretch mark oil at night.

Made in USA by Erbaorganics

This light yet extremely moisturizing oil helps relax even the most "stretched" of bellies...and I can state this claim because my belly is just that!  At the end of the day, my belly skin feels very taut.  As soon as I apply this oil around my belly, especially near my belly button area, my skin feels more relaxed.  And I still remain without any new "marks" on my skin!  I apply this throughout the day whenever it feels necessary, and I absolutely love it!  Not only does it physically feel relaxing to my tight, itchy skin, the essential oils help my mind and my body feel a sense of relaxation...something difficult to come by during the final month of pregnancy.

Erbaorganic's Mommy-to-be Stretch Mark Cream ($19) details:

Skin smoothing formula for growing bellies. Organic shea butter and organic sea buckthorn embrace your body with moisturizing nutrients, helping it to grow with pregnancy versus fighting against it. Promotes healthy skin while locking in moisture and keeping it soft and supple. Use stretch mark cream in the morning and stretch mark oil at night. 85% organic.

Made in USA by Erbaorganics

I also really enjoyed using this moisturizing cream for my ever growing belly.  Although it appears to be thick, it applies on lightweightThis makes it easier to apply where needed, which in my case most often the area surrounding my belly button.  The shea butter creates a strong moisturizing sealant for my stretching skin and the fragrance of shea butter is calming.

Buy it:
You can purchase Erbaorganics and many other organic items from the Organic Baby Gift Boutique web site.  In addition to bath and body products, Organic Baby Gift Boutique carries baby clothes, eco-baby gear, nursery items, baby bath and body products, feeding accessories, cloth diapers, other "for mamma" items and gift sets for those looking to make a purchase of a mommy-to-be.  They even provide a gift registry option!
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Thank you to Organic Baby Gift Boutique for the opportunity to review one of their great product lines available,
Bridget James
(author of) The Curious Case of Mommyhood 

The above Erbaorganic's products were given to me by The Organic Baby Gift Boutique for review (please see my disclosure statement under my "Reviews" page for more information).


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  1. How cute! I went to their site and love the Baby Victoria Knit Bunny and Baby George Knit Monkey stuffed animals. They'd make great gifts for my friend who is pregnant with twins.