Friday, February 18, 2011

Birth Plan

For those of you pregnant and planning your birth, or for those of you not pregnant but interested for future reference, it is always a good idea to have a "birth plan" with you to give to those involved in assisting you birth your child.  You can find standard birth plans all over the internet, but below is my favorite.  You have the option to fill in your wishes with concerns to your birthing preference, what to do in case of scenario a or b, whether you want to vaccinate, circumcise, etc.

A birth plan is a communication tool that may include the following items so everyone understands your preferences for labor and delivery.
  • How would you like to manage your labor?
  • How do you feel about monitoring devices?
  • Will you need to be induced?
  • How do you feel about pain medication?
  • What if a Cesarean becomes necessary?
  • Would you like to avoid an episiotomy?
  • Do you want cameras/video cameras? Music?
  • How should Baby be handled immediately after birth?
Although we should all be aware that birth plans are difficult to maintain when faced with the obstacles of birthing, there is no reason why your preferences need to be all or none.  I was so glad I had (not one but 3 copies:) with me when I birthed Park.  Although there was a slight change to my "plan", everything else on my list was honored.  It was also convenient when asked multiple times whether I was planning to circumcise can just let them know your wishes are all on your birth plan.  There was a copy of my birth plan next to me, one on the hospital room door and one with the attending nurse.

For a great source to fill out your birth plan, go to and after registered (which is completely free) you can begin to fill it out at any time.  You can save your plan, make changes when needed and print it out when the time is necessary.

Just a little tip from the Curious Mommy...with birth plan ready in hand!!!

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