Thursday, April 8, 2010

Word Signs for Children's Learning

Years ago when I was a nanny, my sister gave me some suggestions for implementing learning techniques into my job working with a three and four year old. She suggested I make name cards and place them on the object stated on the card.  That way the kids would soon learn, by memorization, what the word of the object looked like.  They then were able to understand how to read the word...and it worked within days!

So I did the same with Park over a year ago before he was about 1.  It was fun, but I soon realized I had jumped the gun on that was WAY over his head.  The name cards remain, unless he otherwise tore them down.  So since he has grown quite a bit since then, and is showing good signs of wanting to learn concepts such as these, I decided today was a good a day as any to work on the cards again.  I placed a handful in his toy room where he tends to spend the majority of his time.

While these words don't seem the most age apropriate, I do believe strongly in memorization in understanding reading and language concepts.  I think I will work on other words such as his name, our names (Mommy and Daddy:), love, dog, cat, etc. in the next couple of days when I can pull up some pictures to go with the cards.

I remark to myself and to others daily that I cannot believe how quickly the past 2 years of Park's life has gone.  They grow SO fast.  His growth has encouraged me as a mother to help him learn more and more everyday.  What learning ideas/techniques do you suggest for toddlers?

Have a great day!

Mommy Bridget

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