Monday, April 5, 2010

European Union's Ban on GMOs

I admit that I am at a turtle's pace in learning about GMO's.  My friends keep telling me that I HAVE to watch the documentary Food, Inc.  (Click here to view the trailer.)  This documentary explains factory farming, GMO's, nutrition, this countries ever expanding waistline, and et cetera.  To this, with which I would explain my reasoning for not, is my fear for that if I know ANYMORE about corrupt food industry practices that I might just decide to boycott food altogether (or go bonkers).

To so many others, I have no doubt I am already regarded as "extreme" with my food practices, purchase choices, and my thirst for getting the right information out to those who are ignorant on the subject.  My Dad has always liked to term me "earthy"...which I always laughed at in return.  However funny, this term was chosen because my Dad doesn't know enough about the food industries' devastating practices and habits.  After all, didn't Forbes claim Monsanto the company of the year

A few weeks ago, my Mom calls me up on the phone and says she couldn't believe the Oprah show on tv that day which discussed Michael Pollan's view on the western diet.  She had no idea that such practices in the US were happening in order for food to get to our tables.  I commend Oprah for getting this information out to the public who thankfully respect her enough to open up their eyes and take this information to heart.

Anyways, I will spare you more dialect regarding America's messy eating habits and Monsanto's GMO's...which I can promise I will be discussing in the future.  Instead, my reason for writing this post was that I came across an article from the ever wonderful Dr. Mercola about European countries banning GM corn and knew I needed to share this with all of you.  It can be viewed by clicking on the title of this post or here.

Just another reason to buy organic...

The Curious Mommy

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