Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Earth Week

Today marks the beginning of our Earth Week or "National Environmental Education Week" and to launch it off properly, I thought I would write about one easy and simple way I found to conserve water in our homes.

It's called a "Toilet Tank Saver", it costs only $3.49 for one and it can be installed in any toilet.  It was so easy to "install".  First, you fill the water saver with tap water to the fill line.  Next, you flush your toilet so all the water out of the tank drains.  Then, you place the water saver into the tank so that less water is needed to refill the toilet tank.  Although this may seem like all too much of an easy task to make a difference in water actually will be saving our home up to 2 1/2 quarts of water with every flush.  Just think of how many times we flush our toilets each day.  That is A LOT of water saved in one year!!!

A company called New Resources Group sells other unique home utility parts that will help your home reduce energy used and conserve water.  Check out their web site here to see all of their products available and order your toilet saver today!  The earth will thank you for it:)

~Curious Mommy

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