Monday, April 5, 2010

Painted Butterfly House

A couple of months ago while making one of our many frequented Saturday visits to the Home Depot, we stumbled across a large group of parents with their little ones working on crafts.  As we approached to take a closer look to see what was going on, a woman behind a table asked us if we registered for the day's craft activities.  Although we hadn't, she explained to us that the first Saturday of each month the Home Depot puts on a children's workshop where, with the accompaniment of their parents, they learn to assemble and build little crafts.  (lightbulb)  I though what a wonderful activity for Dad and Park to do together (while I have Mommy time of course:)  So we signed up for the next month's activities.

The first Saturday Park and his Daddy attended at Home Depot they built a stand for little cars, motorcycles, and planes.  It was perfect timing as he was just really getting into those little motor vehicles and planes.  They even gave him his very own worker's apron...I think it's so cute.

Then this last Saturday, Park came home with his very own butterfly house. ( I know, I've never heard of one either).  So I decided to look into it some more since we love butterflies and here is what I found.

Today, we decided to paint Park's butterfly house in preparation of it's new home in our backyard.  To see instructions to paint a butterfly house click here.

Although the instructions said to paint the house with bright colors (I'm assuming to attract the butterflies) we did not have any suitable paint but browns and greens.  Even though this house is pretty much camouflage with the outdoors, I'm hoping that by placing it next to the vegetable garden and keeping a banana peel in it will attract our pretty winged friends.

Once the house is ready for its new inhabitants, all you need to do is care for the house from time to time.  Instructions in caring for a butterfly house is here

This little project was perfect for an afternoon indoors.  We can't wait to get the butterfly house outdoors to see who comes!  Now, if only it would quit snowing in Utah.

Mommy Bridget

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