Saturday, April 10, 2010

The "Bulk" Consumer

Today, I officially became a new member of America's "buy in bulk"or "buy in large unnecessary quantities" consumers...actually, what I mean is that I officially became a member of Costco.  Or as my friend Ginger likes to call it the "$10 Dollar Store" because everything is, on average, $10.  It's true!  And although I said it would be "years" before I would succumb to doing so, I am rather confident that it makes economic and ecological sense for my family.  And here is my reasoning:
  • By purchasing in large quantities, I am removing trips to the grocery store or market for refills on everyday items (examples include diapers, eggs, toilet paper, juice, chips)  This in turn saves on gas.
  • By making less vehicle trips to the store, I am removing emissions from our air.
  • The items I purchased ARE cheaper purchased in bulk versus purchasing in the stores.  And I can prove it.  One example is my favorite salsa at Whole Foods costs $3.99 for 16 oz.  At Costco, I got 30 oz. of the salsa plus a 16 oz. tub of 3-bean dip for $5.99.   I also got a package of Huggies Size 4 200-ct. diapers for $40.  This is better for the price per diaper than anywhere else I have seen. 
I definitely couldn't find everything I needed so it isn't a "one-stop" shopping experience but I know that in doing so, I can make my grocery store trips bi-monthly instead of weekly.  I'm so excited!  Plus, I got a ridiculously large over the top super family size tent for our camping trip in a few weeks for only $129!!!  It's perfect for our entire family, including our furry members.

So although I bashfully admit to buying massive quantities of food and toiletry items that our family will take forever to go through, I really believe that this was a wise choice:)

Mommy Bridget

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