Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Breastfeeding is an Environmental Issue « Utah Mama

Here is a great post about why the importance of breastfeeding is not only a health issue but also a substantial environmental issue.  As noted in Cherise Udell's posting:

...artificial baby formula production, distribution and consumption pollutes our land, air, and water and sucks up substantial natural resources – and as a result has a HUGE ecological and carbon footprint. For example, every year in the US, over half a million women formula feed their babies from birth.  If just these mothers breastfed for a full year (with solids introduced after six months), these resources would be saved:
  • 2.5 million pounds of paper
  • 25 million pounds of metal
  • 27 million gallons of milk, requiring 465 million pounds of dairy feed to produce
  • 6 million gallons of oil for production, transportation and refrigeration
  • 135 million pounds of carbon dioxide produced by the use of those 6 million gallons of oil
Please click on the link below for the full post.
Why Breastfeeding is an Environmental Issue « Utah Mama

~Sustainable, Eco-Conscience and Proud Breastfeeding Mommy

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