Friday, January 29, 2010

Super Female Beings

A friend of mine and I were talking on the telephone about putting our children down for naps and for bedtime.  I remarked how I never thought the day would come that I would be able to do just that as well as have my son sleeping through the night.  Looking back, I can't believe what a struggle both inwards and outwards the whole sleep situation truly was for me and Park.  Holy crap I can't even express in words how difficult my days were living so sleep deprived.  I remember feeling like I could tip over and land flat on my face at any time.  I remember talking nonsense half of the time because all I had the energy to focus on was taking care of Park.  I really truly from the depths of my heart feel so strongly for those of you who are suffering from the sleep deprivation motherhood can bring upon you.

However difficult these times are for you struggling to rest, I can tell you that this too shall pass and one day you will look back and see how large of an accomplishment you made getting through that period.  Women are truly amazing.  During our struggles it's wondrous what our minds, bodies, and hearts can endure as proven through motherhood...

Mommy Bridget

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  1. (comment from my Momma)
    Get ready for the days when you are sitting up and waiting for Park to come home from a date…………………

    Waiting for the sound of their cars to arrive and the front door to open and then they tiptoe to their rooms.

    Anger that they are late…………and relief that they are home safe. It makes the babyhood days seem so simple!!

    Love Mom