Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hair Troubles

My son has been so fortunate to have a mixture of both my husband's and my hair (this is sarcasm).  While he has his Daddy's beautiful curls in the back of his head, he has my very fine very straight hair in the front (a gift from me).  Lately, I have seen his hair grow into what looked like a blond plate on top of his head while in the back, a curly mullet.  As I have watched my son's goofy hair get longer and longer the past month, I've dealt with the increasing dread of the struggled hair cut that needed to take place.

Three days ago, the scissors came out.  It sat on the bathroom counter as a reminder of what needed to be done.  Finally this morning I pulled Park aside, grabbed the scissors and something to keep him occupied, and began the scary endeavor.  First I wet his hair and combed out his locks to view.  My priortities were as follows:  trim the front, trim the sides, then trim the back.  And that's just what I did.

Pleased with myself for getting the trim done before Park even knew what I had done, I marveled in the satisfaction of completing the task.  It looked better...wet.  But when it began to dry, I knew something was wrong.  And when I saw my son from far away, I knew what I had done.  I achieved giving a bowl hair cut to my child.  It looked awful.

So I decided when Park was sitting still in front of a movie, I would try to fix it.  Worried about making it worse, I tried to remember the advice my hair stylist  gave me for cutting his hair.  Pull his hair straight out from his head then trim.  So I did just that a few times all over, closed my eyes, and cut.      

Although it looks much better than the bowl cut, my son's locks are a bit goofy.  His hair is super short in the front (but isn't that the style?).  I also cut most of his curls out of the back.  Oh well.  I decided not to let it bother me.  It will grow out.  And maybe then I will decide it better to let a professional cut his hair.  Fortunately, since my husband has been so busy with the Sundance festivities he has yet to see my "work".

He is going to kill me.  Hopefully it will grow out enough before he ever sees it.  So if you happen to see us out someday soon, don't judge my son's hair.  We live and we learn right:)  Oh, and attached is an instructional video for cutting your kid's hair..

Good luck!

Mommy Bridget

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