Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Before I begin, I must announce that my baby boy seems to be feeling much better. He is playful once again, has little to no fever, and his cough seems to be much better. I am SO thrilled to wake up to such a wonderful state of health! Oh, and although we were up at 5:00am I am pleased to say Sesame Street rocked this morning with Keb Mo singing some tunes and (it was all brought to you by the number "4"...:)

It's January 4th and I am still deciding about 2010 resolutions. What sort of resolution should I give myself? What do I need to work on to become a better person, a better mother, a better wife? Working less would be good for my relationship with my son. Driving less would be good for the environment. Learning how to cook better meals would be a good goal to please the hubby. Bi-monthly dates with my husband. Eat less meat, eat more veggies. I would like to find the cure and spread the word for the common cold (fat chance). I could get over the incident with my next door neighbor and become her "friend" like she so adamantly wishes. Hmmmm....I think all of them would be good resolutions.

I also want to take more time to be creative. I would like to work on designing my kitchen we've been working on for a year now. I would like to create a picture collage in my bedroom of my beautiful family. And I would like to make a cozy guest bedroom for when my Momma comes to visit. (love you mom!) There are so many resolutions to help start off the near year on a positive note. I can't wait to begin. Babysitters anyone???

What are your resolutions?

Mommy Bridget

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  1. I would love to watch little Park anytime! He and Eliza are SO much fun together!

    My new Year's Resolutions, although disorganized as thoughts, are (1) to cultivate more patience in general, (2) to focus my energy where it is needed and appreciated, (3) to let go of things which are unhealthy, this covers a huge range of things, (4) to read the huge stack of books about parenting and husbands so that I can get back to reading things I consider "leisure reading", (5) to go to yoga twice to 3 times per week, to get back into giving myself the needed time and attention I have long gone without.

    I love you, and hope this New Year bring you and I MORE wonderful moments together and memories to last us forever.