Monday, January 25, 2010

Are they for real?

Park and I made our weekly trip to the two grocery stores we get all of our essentials from, Whole Foods and SuperTarget. Usually at Whole Foods we pick up our fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and yogurt, frozen veggies, toiletries, and any supplements.

Lately, as we walk in the sliding glass doors of Whole Foods we are greeted by blueberries (Park's fave), strawberries, and blackberries...none of which are organic lately (wrong season I guess). And every time we pass by them Park yells out to the blueberries, helplessly wishing he could jump right out of the cart and climb the berry mountain to eat to his desire. And so I give in...I buy the blueberries even though it makes for a daily struggle to get him to eat anything else. Well, that and despite the dark scary looking poo that comes out of him later on.

So our next Whole Foods trip was different. Again, we were greeted with the berry mountain. But instead of grabbing a pack of blueberries, I picked up the strawberries.       

Don't get me wrong...Park LOVES strawberries too. But the fact that regular strawberries (not organic) are so saturated with pesticides makes me not want to let my beautiful baby boy ingest them. However, this day I gave in. I mean, what's the harm once in awhile (head tilt, one eye winced, question mark)

So once home, I opened the package of strawberries to my son's glee and began washing them. While doing this, I couldn't believe what I was looking at not to mention what I was about to let my son eat. They looked odd, like artificial fruit that one displays for, I don't know, a house showing? Anyways, I still gave Park a few bites. I would have destroyed his spirits for the day had I not let him take a bite. But really, you should see these "strawberries". How could anyone not agree that farmer's should be practicing farming without pesticide use? I guess the answer lies in supply and demand...and look what I did. I purchased the bad fruit! All I can say now is please help in the demand for healthier products so our children can eat real strawberries.  Thank you to those that already do...

Check this alien strawberry out.  It was huge and rubbery in texture.  So strange!

Hope you have a good evening,

Mommy Bridget

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