Thursday, January 14, 2010

Diet Soda is NOT better for you than regular soda

A few years ago I ran across an article regarding artificial sweeteners and the information really stuck with me.  I have always hated the taste of artificial first memory of it was with Diet Cherry 7-Up where I drank it then got a migraine (vomiting and all).  There are so many reasons not to opt for artificial sweeteners but it is so difficult to convince some people not to drink diet soda because in their mind, it's better for them than regular soda.

Anyways, the information I read is kind of fuzzy at this point but it went something like...your brain recognizes artificial sweeteners as regular sugar therefore your body processes it in the same way (sorry I don't have a source but could find one if you really want it).  Therefore, if you MUST drink soda, you might as well drink the real thing.

The article attached to my title from the ever wonderful Dr. Mercola is a good explanation of the above statement.  I highly recommend reading it...and to those of my family members who still drink Diet Coke..I love you so please stop drinking it:)  It's bad for you.  And regular Coca-Cola tastes so much better.

Mommy Bridget

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