Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy Day Fever

I'm not complaining, I am so thankful for any rain we get out here in the west.  Every year, the mountain snow pack numbers let us know what kind of year we are going to have because our summers are long, hot, and dry.  Any extra rain during our summers is a pure blessing! 

So the last 2 (going on 3) days have been just that, rain.  We decided to stay indoors and make the best of our situation without wasting gas traveling for some entertainment.  But day 2 (yesterday) was LONG!  The longest day I've had in a really long time (and I'm sure if my toddler could talk would agree).  What a trooper my little man was!  We baked, cleaned (a lot), napped, went for a walk in the rain, watched a really cheesy early 1990's movie about cars, planes, and trucks (Park's favorite), made popcorn, wrestled, played with play doh...the list goes on.  Oh, and I attempted to salvage what I have left of my blog's appearance whenever I had the chance.  All day I felt like I was out of ideas for entertaining Park.  Speaking of, more ideas for entertaining toddlers indoors would be great!  I have friends with toddlers that rarely leave their house and their kids seem fully entertained.  Why am I having such a difficult time thinking up things to do with Park?  Oh wait, I know why...because I have way too much energy to stay indoors!  Oh, and my son clearly takes after me:)

Gotta love the inherited behaviors;)

Actually, despite that you all may be thinking I was bored out of my mind yesterday (which I thought I was)...I realized after putting Park to bed that my son and I had a really beautiful day together.  Our constant interaction, playing together, being bored together was so beneficial for the both of us that my son who has had difficulty developing language skills began speaking more clearly.  What I mean is his "babble" began to turn into words I could understand.  What a big accomplishment for us!  He still needs a lot of work with his language but I'm now hopeful that there is nothing "wrong" and that all he really needed was some rainy days at home with his Mommy.

By the way, he asks A LOT of questions!

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday,

~Curious Mommy

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