Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Surprise

A few Sundays ago, I finally began transplanting the plants I grew from itty bitty seedlings into our new raised garden bed.  I was so excited that we had made it that far, we had some durable plants to continue growing, and we were on our way to more sustainable living at the James's family household.

HOWEVER, just as quickly as I put everything into my garden on a warm Sunday, Utah's weather took a bit of a turn the next morning...
This was a BIG surprise!  Not even the weather man predicted this one.

So, in turn a few of my plants didn't survive the storm.  I lost a few cucumber plants but that was it.  I covered everything with sheets and the tomato plant's cages made sort of a tipi structure which kept the snow off everything.  We were lucky that the snow melted by the afternoon...and Home Depot was SUPER lucky since everybody was running back to purchase replacements!

Gotta love mother nature:)  All is well now in garden land...

~Curious Mommy

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