Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NVIC Vaccine News

For the record, I am NOT anti-vaccine.  I believe that vaccines have been created with the best of intentions, have saved many lives, and are one way to rid the human population of deadly diseases.  My son has been vaccinated against some diseases and I feel that the choice to do so was the best choice for us.  HOWEVER, I am also a believer that NOT ALL VACCINES ARE SAFE...which is why he has not had the "recommended" types and amounts of vaccinations for a child his age.  I believe the risks of receiving all of the recommended vaccines are much greater than of contracting the diseases the vaccines are made to protect against and having serious implications from doing so.  

Did anyone hear about the Rotavirus vaccine made from the pig virus? This is one of the recommended vaccines given to children at 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months.  I highly recommend watching the link below from the National Vaccine Information Center.  
NVIC Vaccine News

Just like anything else humans discover, create, and claim to be "factual", vaccines said to be safe today are often times, with the Rotavirus vaccine as a good example, deemed unsafe tomorrow.  I hope that parents understand the risks involved in vaccinating just as much as they understand the risks in not vaccinating.  Ignorance is a very big problem in the health and safety of our children.  This is a complicated...COMPLICATED topic and choosing to vaccinate or not should be made with confidence.

~Mommy Bridget

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