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New Resources Group Water Conservation Products Review

NRG’s Water Conservation Products Review
With summer time in full swing, water demands around the country are increasing.  Perfect timing for my new review!   I had the opportunity to review some of New Resources Group’s water conservation products.  With so many products to choose from, NRG has products and tips for water conservation inside and outside your home.  Below are the products we reviewed and our experiences with them:
Buy it: As low as: $2.50
Shorter Shower sand timer helps you beat the clock and save! Simply turn the timer on its suction cup backing to know when five minutes are up. Save water and save money with this handy and durable conservation device. Perfect for getting into the habit of a quicker and more efficient shower. Blue housing standard with sand timer and shatter-proof plastic cover.
Easy to install, the shower timer is a great reminder to only use the water necessary to shower.  Absolutely every time I go to turn on the shower, I see the timer and am reminded not to let the water go unused but to hop right in as soon as the temperature is the way I want it.  This product is very inexpensive too!
Buy it: As low as: $4.98
Spray Clean fixed spray shower head in a chrome finish. Self cleaning and maintenance-free. Pass hand across thermo-plastic rubber jets to clean shower head as needed. The Spray Clean is engineered to deliver a great slower with surprisingly little water. Attractive chrome-plated finish fits in any décor. Non-removable Neoperl pressure compensating flow controller produces steady low flow rate no matter what the water pressure. Easy to clean thermo-plastic jets are perfect for areas with hard water. Easy to install – no tools required, simply hand-tighten on a standard ½” shower arm.
Choose from 1.5, 1.75, 2.0 & 2.5 gpm shower heads.
This product is great because you won’t even notice that you are using less water in the shower when in fact, you are using significantly less.  And it looks great too!
Buy it: As low as: $4.58

Red metal hose nozzle with ergonomic grip. Choose from shower, jet, mist, soaker, cone or flat spray settings.
Heavy duty, high quality with an extra durable cast metal handle. Easy to attach.
This hose nozzle has been absolutely wonderful for watering my new garden and very durable.  I turn the nozzle to shower when I water the entire garden at once, I turn it to mist when my plants need a pick me up during very hot hours of the day, and turn it to soak for my tomato plants in the containers.  My son really enjoys helping me too!  And as we all understand how much fun it is for children to play with the hose, I can relax knowing that we are wasting less water while he plays because of our water saving hose nozzle.
Buy it: As low as: $2.98
Moisture Sensor lets you know the humidity of your soil. The easy to read graduated dial indicates if the soil is dry, moist or wet so that a lawn or garden can be watered accordingly. Save water and save money with this durable conservation aid.
Head / dial constructed of sturdy molded plastic. 8 inch metal stem for penetrating to root level. No batteries or electricity required. Instructions and watering tips printed on back of overleaf.
This is an absolute must for all you gardeners out there…especially to those of you who, like me, are “new” at gardening.  The moisture sensor lets me know when my plants need water, when they have just enough water, and when they have been watered too much.  In my case, most of the time it reads “dry”.  It can also be used for your lawn.  Very cool product!
Buy it: As low as: $6.99
The complete Outdoor Lawn & Garden ECO-KIT. Save water outdoors with this useful kit of conservation tools. Includes a high quality hose nozzle, hose leak repair parts, hose washers, lawn water ruler, thread sealing tape and a handy sprinkler gauge.
Individual descriptions: 1 1/2" Rain/sprinkler gauge, yellow base stake with easy to read numbers. Gauge measures rainfall and other precipitation events. SPRINKLER GAUGE is a simple and important step in conservation. Gauge is high quality molded plastic with molded stake that helps in closely managing lawn and garden watering. Lawn Watering Ruler: Sprinkler gauge water ruler with printed instructions. An easy and accurate way to monitor lawn and garden watering. HOSE NOZZLE with ergonomic grip lets you choose from 9 settings: shower, mist, jet, full, center, flat, vertical, soaker or cone spray. Heavy duty plastic, high quality, light and easy to use. Our most popular hose nozzle. REPLACEMENT HOSE WASHERS for all standard hoses, hose nozzles and hose end sprinklers. Sheet of 12 washers. HOSE LEAK REPAIR PARTS help to quickly and easily repair defective ends or leaky portions of a garden hose. THREAD SEALING TAPE stops any leaking due to uneven or damaged threads. Save water and save money with this durable conservation aid. A complete earth friendly water conservation kit for the outdoors: 8 piece lawn and garden kit. Comes complete with instructions.
This is the wonderful gift NRG is giving away on my blog.  It has everything you need for ensuring you are not wasting water while using your hose.  We REALLY needed this as our spout/hose connection has been dripping terribly ever since we moved into our new home.  (Thankfully we rarely needed to use it until this summer).  I used NRG’s drip gauge to measure how much water is wasted while the hose is connected to the spout and turned on.  According to the gauge, we would be wasting up to 54,000 gpy of water (if our spout/hose was turned on).  That’s a lot of precious water being wasted!  The hose repair parts are great!  It also has a sprinkler gauge so we know how much water our lawn is getting and it lets us know when to turn the sprinklers off.  Also, included in the kit was another great hoze nozzle with 9 settings to choose from!

Buy it: As low as: $0.35
Drip gauge water measuring vial helps build awareness of what tiny leaks really cost. Simply collect water for 15 seconds in the plastic vial to see what's being lost per day or per year!
Save water and save money with this handy conservation tool.

Buy it: As low as: $2.19
5" Conventional rain gauge. High quality molded plastic. 
Gauge measures rainfall and other precipitation events, such as heavy dew and mist - indicating how much watering you need to do to make up the difference. Avoid unnecessary sprinkler use, save water and save money. A simple and important step in conservation.
We use this next to our garden so we can measure how much rainfall and sprinkler water our garden is receiving.  It’s nice to keep track of our outdoor water usage.

I want to thank New Resources Group for supplying all of these products for review.  I strongly encourage you to use products to promote water conservation in and around your home.   Remember: water is a commodity and so not to be taken advantage of.
Bridget James
(author of) The Curious Case of Mommyhood

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