Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun with Wrap

As a friend of mine's baby shower was approaching last week, I realized I needed to wrap her gift to make it presentable.  But after looking at my home supply of gift wrapping paper, I realized the only thing available off hand had either cars on it or Micky Mouse Christmas.  This just wouldn't do for a baby shower gift.  I contemplated the trip to the store to buy some wrapping paper...

I really dislike wrapping paper with all the unnecessary paper that's only seen for a few minutes then crumpled up and thrown into the garbage.  I know that you can recycle the paper here, but still.  What a waste!  I usually buy the decorative bags then reuse them over and over again until they've had enough.  But since I had a large item to wrap, I doubt there are present bags big enough.  How about just a bow?  Hmmm...maybe so.  How about making something from what we have at home?  Yes!!!  So I thought...what could I use at home to personalize it while at the same time make a fun activity for my little man?  All we needed was:
  • newspaper (preferably without any negative news)
  • tape
  • children's paint
  • stickers (if you want)
  • a bow
  • a child who loves to paint! 
Park had such a great time decorating the present.  What a fun activity for our little ones who love to explore the world of art.  All the while recycling paper instead of consuming it and saving a little money and a trip to the store...gotta love moments like these!
 ~Curious Mommy


  1. I love reusing fabric. I saw it on a Japanese show where they were presenting a gift and they wrap everything with fabric and reuse to gift the next present. I have a lot left over from my old production company, but you can always find inexpensive fabric. If the person you gift to doesn't sound interested in reusing, you can always regiftwrap and no one will ever know! I love your idea as well, there is always newspaper laying around!! ~namastae~jess

  2. Learning to be resourceful and finding new ways to recycle is one of the most fun aspects of being green. When you put your mind to it, almost everything can find a new life!

    I frequently recycle my newspapers and turn them into a fun day of Paper Mache with my kids. We also recently started an organic garden so that I can teach them about the importance of sustainability. They loved it. I also purchased them a rain barrel in hopes of instilling the idea of recycling natural resources!

    If your like me and always looking for new ways to reduce your family's carbon foot print. They have a lot of great information at . They also had a great online store that sells green and sustainable products, including the rain barrel I purchased for my kids! It's a great resource for green families!

    God Bless and Go Green!
    Sabrina Ahmed