Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CSN Stores Review-Simmons Kids Slumber Time Evening Star Firm Crib Mattress

CSN Stores Review:
The Simmons Kids Slumber Time Evening Star Firm Crib Mattress

When I was approached about doing a review for CSN Stores online, I was thrilled.  CSN Stores represent over 200 online stores and therefore carry absolutely anything and everything you are looking to buy.  From naturally made products for your entire family to clothing apparel to toys to luggage...they really have it all! 

CSN Stores, a Boston based company, ships products all over the US and Canada.  Below are just a few of their many stores available online:     
For a complete guide to their available online stores, click here.  Search their products by entering in keywords and you'll be amazed at what you find!  My personal favorite, search word "environmentally friendly" under "baby products" and see what you find...everything imaginable!  Their products are really quite "top notch", including many modern and contemporary products in design...as if they've personally reviewed each and every product before marketing them.

A great benefit from ordering off of CSN Stores online, and many shopper's favorite part about the company, is that the prices are competitive.  I discovered this by researching products I've purchased off of other online web sites.  One product I've been researching in the market to purchase is another crib mattress (due to our new addition coming very soon).  And so I decided this would be a fantastic product to review.

I chose to review the Simmons Kids Slumber Time Evening Star Firm Crib Mattress from CSN Stores.

As the coming of our new family member is nearing, I knew it was time to put the crib (which for the past year has been converted into a toddler bed for Park) back into the newborn position and get Park into his very own "big boy" bed.  We decided that we would go with the same size bed Park has been sleeping in and so we were looking for another crib sized bed mattress.  We purchased a cute toddler bed that matches our crib (since the boys will be sharing a bedroom) but still needed the mattress.  And to our excitement, the Simmons Kids Slumber Time Evening Star Firm Crib Mattress  not only fit perfectly into Park's new bed, but at a mere (on sale price of only) $68.95, it also fit nicely into our budget.

We decided to hold off from "forcing" Park to sleep in his new bed by letting his old bed remain intact for about a month therefore giving him the option to sleep in whichever bed he wanted.  After a few weeks Park, on his own accord, decided one night after bath time that he wanted to sleep in his new bed.  And just like that, he was sleeping soundly...it only took one night and he is now officially in his new bed!  The Simmons Kids Slumber Time Evening Star Firm Crib Mattress definitely played a big factor in this smooth transition.  If it weren't for the comfort, our little man would have moved back into his old bed.  And since this transition, I swear that Park is sleeping even better!  Since sleeping on his new mattress, Park has been going to bed easier and sleeping longer...something we are quite appreciative of these days.  We couldn't be more thrilled with this product from CSN Stores.

We are quite satisfied with our experience with CSN Stores.  Next time you are in the market for a new item for your household or are looking for that perfect gift, go ahead and check out what they have available on any one of their 200+ convenient online stores.  You'll be amazed at what you find!
Thank you to CSN Stores for providing us with this product for review.

Bridget James
(author of) The Curious Case of Mommyhood

The Simmons Kids Slumber Time Evening Star Firm Crib Mattress was provided to me by CSN Stores for review.   All opinions of CSN Stores and the mattress are purely my own.  (Please see my disclosure under my "Reviews" page for more information.)

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