Saturday, January 22, 2011

The "Doctors" Show Argues the Circumcision Ban in SF

There was a discussion on the television show "Doctors" about the ban of circumcision in San Francisco.  I highly recommend watching this discussion below which is argued by Freedom of Speech.  The beginning of the argument got to me a bit but just hang in there...the rest of the clip is highly worth your time.  (all references to any statistics or facts are displayed at the end of the clip)


  1. I saw this version! Totally worth watching.

  2. what an uneducated female doctor.WOW she is scary. How can anyone take this ignorant doctor seriously. No wonder why rates are still high.The dumb-ass doctors. Lisa is a sad case when it comes to circumcision.She needs to go back to school. She actually believes she sounds intelligent.Run from a doc like her. This is a great video. Tells it like it is,unlike the BS Lisa or the other 2 docs spew.