Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic Erasers ~ Toxic or Eco-Friendly?

Magic Erasers ~ Toxic or Eco-Friendly?

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to a friend of mine about the magic eraser. As one who likes to use only eco-friendly and nonhazardous cleaning products, I embarrassingly must admit that I have used the magic eraser in the past and I was happy with its results. I am guilty to this cleaning pleasure. And I am so because it works wonders (and by far better than anything else I've used) to removing markers from white walls and grease stains from white doors (to name a few). So this is my cleaning vice...only when absolutely necessary!

However, maybe the magic eraser isn't as bad as we all had imagined...

My friend Mel sent me this blog post about the ingredients in the magic eraser and I was surprised at what I read. So to all of you who share this guilty pleasure, you may find some peace with your environmental sin:)

Thank you Mel for sharing!

~the Curious Mommy

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