Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Having a New Baby, I Could Never Live Without My...

In preparation for baby to arrive, I've been going through the baby items I have, marking off what I won't be needing and writing down items I would have liked to have last time around.  This was so much fun for me and so I thought, for any of you about to be first time moms, this list could be really helpful.  

I remember feeling overwhelmed when I was doing my baby registry last pregnancy because I really had absolutely no idea what I would be needing.  I had a good friend meet me at my registry stores to go through the items and tell me what I would need (and better yet, explained to me what the items were for!)  Anyways, I hope this is helpful.  For anyone else who thinks I forgot something important or would like to add anything, please do!  (By the way, the brands of items are my personal preference.  There are many great brands of the types of items below and I was in no way paid for advertising said items.  These are truly my faves!)
  • Wipey Warmer  (Trust me when I say, you don't want to shock your baby's bum with cold wipes.  This helps make diaper changing a breeze.)

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm (We might have been just plain lucky, but Park never had diaper rash.  This bottom balm was always a part of our after bath time routine and I attribute it to this wonder balm.)

  • baby nail clipper (Any brand will do, as long as it is made for baby fingers.  But it is very important! Babies little finger nails are like razors and they easily scratch up their little faces with them if they aren't trimmed properly.)
  • Diapers and wipes:)
  • digital baby thermometer
  • Infant Tylenol (good to have on hand in case it's necessary)
  • burp cloths
  • pacifier (if your baby takes it, use it!)
  • soy latte (for me! self explanatory)
  • midwife (for support)
  • nursing pads (if breastfeeding, these are a necessity) 
  • nursing tank top
  • nipple cream (I used it everyday and never had any cracking or bleeding like I've heard can happen.)
  • baby wrap for infants ( I never left home without one!  I could do anything as long as my baby was inside our wrap.  He would sleep snugly or when he was awake, he was very content.  I don't think he cried while inside this once.  My baby was so cozy being held close to me and there are a multitude of benefits to wearing your baby.)
  •  Modmum sling carrier once your baby is up, alert and likes to see his surroundings.  This sling is so handy to take anywhere, it fits nicely in your purse and takes 5 seconds to put on and put you baby inside.  Park and I used this until he was 2 years old.

  • Nature's Baby Organics baby wash (This is what we used, still use and will swear up and down is perfect for baby skin.  Any mild, non-toxic and extremely gentle baby wash will do.)  
That is all for now.  I can't think of what else I highly recommend.  And again, as I said earlier if anyone wants to add anything, please do!

~Mommy Bridget

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    1. Gerber bottles- If bottle feeding, they're cheap and have a smaller nipple than most other bottles we tried. Only bottles my daughter would take when she was smaller.

      Medela Pump in Style breast pump- Works fantastic!

      California Baby products- I love their fragrance free lotion especially. Its non-greasy.

      Drool bibs

      Something I wish I would have had...a hands free product for my pump.