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The Dream Maker Book Review and Giveaway- ends 12/27

The Dream Maker Book Review and Giveaway- ends 12/27
I've decided that this will be my last review and giveaway before the holidays.  And like the saying goes, I've truly saved the best for last.  This book is near and very dear to my heart as it is a biography of the life of an extraordinary man, a man that exemplifies in his life what it means to help those in need, to sacrifice for the good of others and to live showing others what we are capable of achieving if only we believe.

Patrick Atkinson, born and raised in my hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota grew up a curious young boy with endless amounts of energy and a heart filled with the passion for his religious beliefs.  As a young adult, Atkinson experienced a near death encounter while on a boy scouting canoe trip.  His book tells the story of being drug down into watery depths where he struggles to break loose and ultimately gives in to what he foresees as no hope for survival, and begins to die.  This is where his faith in his religion is deepened and when pulled out of the water to be brought back to survival, realized his soul purpose in life was to serve God through others.

What Atkinson has accomplished in his life so far is nothing short of a dream.  He has remarkably saved hundreds if not thousands of lives, all awhile nearly losing his own time and time again.  Reading The Dream Maker (written by Monica Hannan) is an inspiring true story of a hero living among us.  And by reading this, you are reminded of our moral obligation to help others less fortunate, to serve our life and other lives with a purpose whether it be through your faith in your religion or your faith in humanity.  

Patrick Atkinson founded, among other organizations, The God's Child Project

Since its founding, The GOD'S CHILD Project has grown, through the grace of God and the support of thousands of volunteers and benefactors worldwide, to where it now cares for and educates 5,000 orphaned, abandoned, and poverty-stricken children, and nearly 8,700 widowed, abandoned, and single mothers and their dependents in many of our world's poorest neighborhoods.

The Dream Maker tells about much of this organization and the lives affected by Patrick Atkinson, volunteers and benefactors who help to continue The God's Child Project's works.

If you are interested in learning more about The God's Child Project, click here.  

How you can help:
With the holidays right around the corner, there is never a better time than right now to give to those who truly are in need.  The God's Child Project has a "Christmas Wish List" for needy families around the globe.  For example, for only $9 you can purchase two meals a day for a student for an entire month.  Or for only $8, you can provide full time care for an AIDS orphan for an entire week in AIDS stricken Malawi.  This is a great way to not only help others who are in dire need of your help, but to get your family involved to show what it truly means to give during this giving season.

Thank you so much to Patrick Atkinson and E.T. Nedder Publishing for letting me review The Dream Maker and for hosting such a wonderful giveaway on my blog.

Win it:
Although I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to read and review this remarkable book about Patrick Atkinson's life, his stories of trials and success and of the wonderful organizations he has lived day in day out to care for, I was also provided another copy of The Dream Maker for one of my lucky readers to win on The Curious Case of Mommyhood!  

To enter:
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Subscribe to my blog (located on the left side of my home page) and tell me if you have heard of The God's Child Project.  This is MANDATORY to enter the giveaway.

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You have until December 27th at midnight to enter.
Good luck to you all,

Mommy Bridget

The Dream Maker was provided to me by E. T. Nedder Publishing for review.  All opinions on the book are purely my own.  (Please see my Disclosure under my "Reviews" page for more information.)

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